Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Models & Part For Sale Reviews

Are you searching for new skateboard and thinking about buying one of the Benchwheel electric skateboard models?

But you don’t know why to pick them among the other brands?

Then you should read this Benchwheel electric skateboard review where I will describe you the benefits that brand offers to you. Beside electric skateboards, this company also produces the scooters. Both of the products have quality and high-performance for the best experience of driving on an electrical vehicle. If you’re interested in more information about skateboards, read this article and get to know the best models offered by the company.


Advantages Of Buying Benchwheel Electric Skateboard

All Products Have A Warranty

Both electric scooters and skateboards products are made with high-quality materials and safety-featured technology. These qualities are covered with a 1-year limited warranty that starts from the day of purchase.It can be used in case of damages that happened because the costumer was misusing the product.

The Strong Motor For Fast Speeds

Most of the electric skateboard models made in this company have really strong motors. Some of them have dual-motor technology that provides very high speeds when driving. If you want to have one of the fastest boards, the Benchwheel is an ideal choice.

Strong Rechargeable Battery

The batteries included in the models are very strong, and they’re powering the motors. Lithium-ion batteries are used, and they are rechargeable. The brand includes the specifically made charger in the package, so you don’t have to buy it separately. Also, you will be able to recharge it many times before buying a new one.

Quality Made Skateboard’s Deck

Almost all models are made from the bamboo layers and fiberglass of maple wood. These materials provide durable construction that has high weight capacity but at the same time lightweight design and flexibility.

Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Reviews

Penny Board Electric Skateboard

This model is 27.9” long, 10.24” wide and 5.5” high.The deck is made from 3layer bamboo and 2 layer fiberglass of Canadian maple wood. Beneath the deck is a very firm metal box that contains the batteries and other electronics and protects them from damages while driving on rough surfaces.

Penny Board Electric Skateboard

It has the maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds so it’s perfect for older kids and adults. The motor has the 1000W energy power which means that the model enables you to go very fast, up to 15mph.The motor is based on a single brushless direct current. It’s powered with 36V-2200mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery.

The battery’s range is 6 miles. It’s rechargeable and comes with the specifically made charger for it. It has to be charged for approximately 1 hour, and it has a charging capacity of 800 times. It’s important to charge it by the rules described in user manual so you don’t reduce the longevity of the battery. It’s enough to charge it once a week.

Penny Board Electric Skateboard review

The wheels are made from high-performance polyurethane. The dimensions are 3.1”long and 1.7” wide.They are perfect for driving long rides and fast driving, while for doing tricks the small wheels would be better.

The 2.4GHz remote control is also included in the package, and it has the ability to change driving modes, speed, and direction. It’s a very user-friendly device that helps you to control the board. The product has a 1-year limited warranty in case of damages that aren’t caused by misuse.


  • durable and lightweight design
  • protective metal box for electronics
  • long-lasting battery

  • less weight capacity than other models

Dual 1800W B2 Model

Unlike the previous model, this is a dual motor electric skateboard. Therefore, there is stronger motor power provided. With the 3600W of power energy, the B2 model is the fastest electric skateboard model. The maximum speed that the board can achieve is 21 mph.

Dual 1800W B2 Model

You will also get the 2.4GHz wireless remote control, so you can easily adjust The speed can be adjusted easily with it, so you can go faster or slower and gradually change it. Also, you can control the driving mode and direction.

Both of the motors are supported with strong. 24V 10Ah battery. This is a 18650 lithium-ion battery with a range of 12 miles, which is must greater battery range regarding the other models. The battery is rechargeable and it has to be charged for approximately 3 hours.

Dual 1800W B2 Model review

Even though this is longer in comparison to the previous model, the battery is supporting two motor instead of one. It has the capacity of 800 charging times. The battery should be charged when fully emptied with the included specifically made AC110V-240V charger.

The skateboard is 36.6” long, 7.9” wide and 11” high. The maximum weight capacity is 287 pounds, which is much greater than the one of the previous model. The deck is made from 3 layer bamboo and 2 layer fiberglass of Canadian maple wood. It contributes to both lightweight and durable design. Wheels are made from polyurethane and they are 1.7” wide. They’re supporting the high-speed long driving.


  • the dual motor provides the fastest speed
  • longer battery range
  • greater weight capacity

  • the longer battery’s charging time

Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Parts & Accessories

The Benchwheel parts that are available to buy are a synchronous belt, synchronous wheels set, DIY Benchwheel remote and receiver, battery dual-motors and other motor types. If broken, you can find new batteries and chargers specifically made for those batteries. There are some other accessories sold, such as belt covers. In case you can’t find what you need, you can also use the universal parts if they are suitable for the model’s construction. You can read my post about electric skateboard replacement parts and accessories.

Benchwheel Manual Instructions

The product always has user manual included in the package. The brand delivers to you already assembled the product, therefore you don’t have to do it by yourself. What is important for your skateboard to work efficiently is that you check which parts you must have included and if something’s missing. Also, read about the rules of battery charging and remote control charging, and how to match the remote control system with the skateboard. Read this online available Benchweel skateboard user manual, and you can learn more about the managing and maintaining the board, and how to ride it.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Benchwheel Electric Skateboard?

The Benchwheel electric skateboard models have durable deck construction, so you can be sure they won’t break even after you have driven them many times. But, they don’t have a varied range of wheels dimensions, so if you’re looking for more wheel offers you should consider another brand. Anyhow, this company offers high-quality and fast products that will last longer, and they’re a good investment.In my opinion, the best choice would be the dual 1800W B2 model because it’s the fastest one while being stable and durable at the same time.