Swagtron Electric Skateboard Models & Parts For Sale Reviews

Are you thinking about buying Swagtron electric skateboards?

Do you wish you could know more about the brand and its models?

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I will describe the benefits that the brand offers you and why you should buy the Swagtron models among other brands. Also, you will get a quick review of the best models offered on the market, so you can learn more about their technical specifications and decide which is the best for you. You can read about replacement parts and accessories needed for the skateboard and how to assemble them. This article will be very useful to you so continue reading it.


The Advantages That Swagtron Brand Is Offering

Artificial Intelligence Riding System

Swanton has developed an AI built-in system that assists with turning and braking, therefore you can feel more safe and confident while you’re driving. The e-boards are having 3D posture control that is based on pressure sensors which are built into the carbon fiber deck and help the system to learn and adapt to your body movements.

Regenerative Hub-Motors

All of the models have a relatively long battery ranges which are a consequence of strong batteries, but also of the regenerative hub motors. When going downhill or during the deceleration, the energy from motors is regenerated into the batteries that therefore can last much longer than the batteries from other skateboards.

Differential Speeds In Motors For Turning Assistance   

Not only that the AI system helps you to be more stable and better in driving, but the motors are also made to help you to turn more efficiently. They have differential speeds, therefore you can easier turn and maneuver the board.

Control The Skateboard With Your Smartphone

The Swagtron allows you to control the electric skateboard with your smartphone too, not just with the wireless remote control like the other brands do. The smartphone can be both Android and iOS, and you just have to install the app. The app allows you to track the skateboard features and control the speed, direction, etc.

Fast Battery Charging And SentryShield Technology

The developed technology is evident in the battery system too. The rechargeable batteries can be charged with special MagCharger that has to be connected to the magnetic charging port. This allows way faster charging. The battery is enclosed with patented SentryShiel technology that provides multi-layered battery protection.

A Multi-functional Battery Life Indicator

The creativity in the design can be seen in the multi-functional indicator for battery life state. The LED headlights on the front of the deck are used for better driving when dark. But also, they change colors in regards to battery power so they’re at the same time a battery life indicators.

The Discounts For Students

If you’re a student looking for a new skateboard, the Swagtron can be the ideal choice for you because you might find a great offer with their student discounts on skateboards and other products such as scooters. They offer a student coupon for 10% discount.

Warranty And Certificates

All Swagtron products are covered with a 1-year limited warranty that can be used if the skateboard doesn’t work because of factory malfunctions or because of damages that happened in situations described in the user manual. The quality and safety are approved with certificates such as UL2272 certificate.

Swagtron Electric Skateboard Review

Swagtron Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard

This model has an artificial riding system that controls the board with your body movements and learns the way you drive at the same time. Unlike most of the models, the skateboard isn’t controlled with the remote, but with a smartphone through the eBoard go app designed for it.

An app is suitable for both iOS and Android systems. With it you can select the speed mode, lock the board so nobody can drive it, share multimedia content etc. It’s very practical and fun, and it helps you to keep track of your skateboard for easier maintenance.

wagtron Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard

Another great user-friendly feature is the regenerative system of motors. The hub-motors are placed inside the wheels and when you’re braking while riding, the energy from brakes is generated into the batteries so the motor can run longer. The hub motors have the differential speeds that are enabling better turning.

A battery range is approximately 12.4 miles per one charge. Battery life can be tracked with the LED indicator that is also a headlight that helps you drive the board when is dark outside. It changes color into the orange and red while the battery power is decreasing.

Because the unique MagCharger that has to be connected to the magnetic charging port, the battery is fully charged after 90-120 minutes.  There are 3 different speed modes in which you can ride. There are beginner mode, sports mode, and pro mode. The frontal dual motor system is enabling this Spectra model to reach maximum speeds of about 15.5 mph.

wagtron Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard review

The climbing capacity is around 15-degree so this model is suitable for driving uphill.  Due to it’s during and firm material, the deck can support the weight up to 187 pounds. So, the model is suitable for both adults and kids.

Skateboard’s deck is a carbon fiber unibody that is at the same time lightweight and durable. This means that you can easily carry it anywhere and store it, while at the same time it will carry high weight and endure driving on rough terrain.


  • AI intelligence for safer and more stable driving
  • magnetic charger for faster charging
  • lightweight and portable
  • battery life indicator and headlights

  • less weight capacity
  • no SentryShield technology for battery protection

Swagtron Voyager Electric Skateboard

Unlike the previous model, this is the remote controlled electric skateboard. The wireless remote allows you to do accelerating and braking with just one click, and you can easily change the directions of the board.

The remote control has the LED display that shows you the speed, battery life and other features for the better driving experience. The deck is made from 2 layers of bamboo that are placed between 6 layers of Canadian maple wood which makes it durable and flexible at the same time.

Swagtron Voyager Electric Skateboard

Because of the firm structure, the weight capacity is up to 330 pounds, which is much higher than the previous model. The deck has total grip tape coverage for unparalleled traction and it’s 42 inches long.

This model is designed as a traditional longboard for a smooth driving experience. The large polyurethane wheels are ideal for long driving on a rough surface and they have adjustable trucks. It’s easy to carry the board anywhere with you because it has the handle for transport.

Swagtron Voyager Electric Skateboard review

The battery range is 15 miles, because of the long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery.The battery is running two motors of 350W, in total 700W motor energy. The dual motor system allows this Swagtron electric skateboard the maximum speed of 15 mph.

The safety features of the board are certified for UL2272 safety standards. One of the great safety features that the board has is the SentryShield battery protection for the long-lasting battery. The parts of the skateboard are covered with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • larger weight capacity
  • longer battery range
  • a handle for carrying

  • doesn’t have a mobile app for controlling
  • slightly less maximum speed than the previous model

Swagtron Swagboard Ng-1 Electric Skateboard

A 7-layer maple wood deck is ensuring durability and the weight limit of 176 pounds. It weighs only 9.5 pounds so it’s one of the lightweight skateboards on the market that are very easy to carry. The Swagtron nx-1 nextgen electric skateboard is 32” long and available in black and brown color.

Swagtron Swagboard Ng-1 Electric Skateboard

The grip tape ensures the riders to have more traction while driving the skateboard. The large wheels are made from polyurethane and they’re shock-absorbing so the ride on this Swagtron swagboard electric skateboard will be comfortable and smooth on any terrain.

Like the previous model, this one also has a wireless remote control that allows you to accelerate, brake, and change the direction. The LED display shows you the battery status and the present speed. The remote control battery is also rechargeable.

Swagtron Swagboard Ng-1 Electric Skateboard review

According to other Swagtron nx-1 nextgen electric skateboard reviews, the system is run on 24V lithium-ion batteries. The rechargeable battery is fully charged after 3 hours. The motor allows speeds up to 11mph and the maximum battery range is 10 miles.

The UL 2272 certificates approve that the system of this skateboard meets all safety requirements. Also, the battery has SentryShield technology. All the parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • 7-layer maple wood deck for durability
  • remote control with LED display

  • small weight capacity
  • less range and speed in comparison to previous models

Swagtron Electric Skateboard Parts And Accessories

The parts such as Swagboard battery replacement, a charger, the motor, and a remote controller should be bought from the brand that’s specifically made them for your model. But if you can’t find what you need, you can search for universal parts. The wheels, replacement grip tapes and deck are parts that will mostly fit any model and you can search for universal ones. In case you search for additional pair of wheels, a helmet, trucks, tools for assemblage or other accessories for the skateboard, you can go to the Swagtron official site or even better, go to the online retailers such as Amazon. If you want to find out more about this topic, read my post about universal electric skateboard parts and accessories.

The Assemblage Of Swagtron Electric Skateboard Models

The Swagtron electric skateboard is delivered to you already pre-assembled in the factory, which is great because you don’t have to worry about the incorrect installation of important parts. Also, you can be safer when driving it because all the parts are surely correctly connected. What you should do is read the user manual to check if all the parts are delivered and read the detail descriptions of every part, especially batteries. You can read about the maintenance and handling of the board. Also, you will have to do pairing recognition between the board and remote control, which is described in the user manual. If you lost one or want to read it now, you can go to the online user manual for Swagtron electric skateboard.

Conclusion: What Swagtron Electric Skateboard To Buy?

The Spectra Swagtron electric skateboard model has many upgraded features such as control with the mobile app, regenerative hub-motor, AI system for stability and magnetic charger. If you are interested in a technologically advanced model, this is the right choice for you. But, in my opinion, the Voyager model is the best to buy because it has the longest battery range with almost the same maximum speed. Also, the deck is very firm, it has the highest weight limit in comparison to other models and battery is protected with patented technology. If you want a quality-made board for long and fast trips, this is the best option for you.