Top EMAD Electric Skateboard Models & Parts For Sale Reviews

Do you want to buy the EMAD electric skateboard?

But you not sure why to choose that brand among others offered on the market?

Then this article is for you!

I will describe one model that’s offered on the market and its technical specifications. This description should help you to recognize the main advantages of the brand that makes it better than others. Read this short review and learn more about the brand because it will be easier to decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Advantages Of The EMAD Electric Skateboards

Combining Extreme Sports And Skateboarding

Unlike other brands, this one is manufacturing the models which can be used for off-road skateboarding and doing extreme sports on any terrain in nature. It has features that will make the rough and fast ride easy, safe and comfortable.

Large Tires As Unique Feature

The brand doesn’t produce the polyurethane wheels as other brands do. Their models feature very large tires that are made from high-quality rubber that can support very high speeds on rough terrain. The tires are much larger than ordinary skateboard wheels so buying from this model ensures unique skateboarding experience.

High Speeds And Strong Motor

The included motor in the board is strong, so you can choose from the 600W model or 800W model. This is a great feature that allows very high speeds which most skateboards can’t reach, and you can climb on any hill without a problem.

The Battery Indicator Included

Many models don’t have the indicator of battery life, so you must pay attention to how long you drive the board so you don’t run out of the power. EMAD includes the battery indicator, so you don’t have to worry about how much battery power is left.

High-Quality Materials

The wooden deck, metal trucks and high-quality rubber wheels will ensure that the EMAD boards last long even after very rough drives. This is important so you don’t have to replace broken parts often and waste money on repairs.

EMAD Electric Skateboard Review

EMAD Electric Skateboard Dirt Rider 800W Model

This model is specific and different from other boards because it’s designed for the intensity of extreme sports that are combined with the skateboarding. It has very large tires that are suitable for any terrain and 10” wide in diameter.

All the features of the EMAD 800W electric skateboard are controlled with the included wireless remote controller. It has its battery that’s rechargeable, and the specifically made charger is included. You’ll also get the specifically made charger for the battery of the board. The main step in the assemblage is a pairing recognition between the bord and the remote.

EMAD Electric Skateboard Dirt Rider 800W Model

It must be done correctly so that you can manage all the features of the board such as speed, braking, and direction. The instructions for pairing recognition and assemblage of other parts are mentioned in the user manual which is included with the model.

The motor has the power of 800W which supports high speeds up to 19 mph. The speed can be change between low, medium and high mode. If you want the lower-powered model, there is also offered EMAD 600W electric skateboard. It has lower speed and range, and it will be more suitable for riders that don’t want very fast board.

800W model has a very strong single motor, so you can be sure that you can easily climb any steep hills. It’s ideal if you want to ride for a longer time, at high speed and on any terrain. Ride with this board can last between 45 and 60 minutes, after which the battery will probably be emptied.

EMAD Electric Skateboard Dirt Rider 800W Model review

The battery is fully charged after 3-4 hours, which is much longer charging time in comparison to other models. The system includes the LED battery indicator, which is a very user-friendly feature. In that way, you always know the level of your battery.

The deck of the board is made from high-quality and reliable materials that won’t break easily and therefore they’re made to last. The deck is made from 12 layers of maple wood, while the trucks and bushings are specially designed from the metal. It’s not waterproof, but you can be sure that it will endure rough drives.


  • highly powered motor
  • high speeds
  • large tires for any terrain
  • LED battery indicator included

  • longer charging time
  • it’s not waterproof

Replacement Parts And Accessories For The Model

The main replacement parts which you should buy from the manufacturer are the wheels, the motor, and the EMAD electric skateboard remote. These are important for keeping the performance at a high level, so it’s better to replace the same parts. Other parts such as deck, trucks or battery can be universal. The accessories which you can buy for your board are another pair of wheels, the grip tape, backpack for carrying it or another set of batteries which you put in the board when the emptied ones are charging. If you want to learn more, read my post about universal replacement parts and accessories.

EMAD Electric Skateboard Manual And Instructions

With this model, you’ll get the user manual which you must read before riding it. First, read the parts list so you can be sure that everything is delivered in the package. Then read the instructions for the assemblage so you can now how to correctly pair the remote control with the board. I recommend you to also read operation instructions so you can be sure you know how to use this high-powered board. The user manual also contains advice for maintenance of the board so it can last as long as possible.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy The EMAD Electric Skateboard?

You should buy the EMAD electric skateboard because it offers the unique experience of off-road skateboarding. The very big rubber tiers and the high-powered motor will allow you the most comfortable ride at the highest speed on any terrain. Another great user-friendly feature is the LED lights indicate that ensure you always now the level of the battery. This brand offers a high-quality and durable board that won’t disappoint you.