Electric Skateboard Parts For Sale: Motor, Wheels, Deck & Other

When having the electric skateboard, you have to maintain it and keep it at the good shape.

Therefore, you should know all about the electric skateboard parts.

So, read this article and learn about their price, replacement, places where they’re offered and other details about each part of the board. This will help you to know which are the main parts, how they function and other details.


How To Replace The Electric Skateboard Parts?

A detailed description of replacing specific skateboard part should be found in the user manual that is always included with the product. You should read it so you know exactly how to install them correctly and safely. The tools should be included in the package.

Where To Buy Electric Skateboard Parts For Sale?

When you want to buy a complete electric skateboard kit or any other part, go at online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart. They have the widest offer and the best prices. And you can read the opinions of other people while comparing different brands. For specifically made parts you can search the official website of the brand. They can also be sold at the local stores where the electric skateboards are offered or at the specialized stores for electric skateboards.

The Price Of The Electric Skateboard Spare Parts

The cheap electric skateboard parts can be found at online retailers. The lowest price is for the grip tapes and T-tools which are around $10. The cheap electric skateboard motor is around $50, while the highest electric skateboard motor price can be found at $300. The other parts such as wheels, trucks and remote controls are in the range from $20 up to $300. The price depends on the brand and quality of the construction.

What Motor To Use For Electric Skateboard?

According to the motorized skateboard reviews, you can choose between the electric skateboard wheel motor and the e skateboard motor with a belt. Hub motors are more reliable and the skateboard looks better. However, with the belt electric skateboard gear you can have much stronger acceleration and climb more steep hills. If the electric skateboard engine has more torque, it will have better performance. High power motor used in electric skateboard will ensure very fast speed, while low power motor is more suitable for less fast boards.

Electric Skateboard Parts List

Electric Skateboard Motor

Hobbysky Skateboard Engine Kit

As I already mentioned there are two main types of skateboard motor: belt electric motor for skateboard and electric skateboard hub motor. The hub motor is hidden in the wheel, therefore the skateboard looks better. Also, there is no chain or assemblage needed. However, if you want stronger acceleration you should buy an electric skateboard motor with a belt. Besides this, it’s important to know which electric skateboard motor size and torque to choose.

Hobbysky Skateboard Engine Kit review

The size will depend on the model of board, so it’s better to buy specifically made electric skateboard motor from the brand. The higher the torque, the better the performance of the motor. Other parts included are the electric skateboard motor mount, pulley, and controller that can be all available in the electric skateboard motor mount kit if you want to install your motor and board.

Electric Skateboard Wheels

If you want to replace damaged electric skateboard wheels or buy additional spare pair, you should know which size to buy. The wheels for an electric skateboard that are small than 2” are better for doing tricks. The electric skateboard big wheels are more suitable for fast and long trips.

Orangatang Caguama

You can choose from three types: electric skateboard hub wheels, longboard wheels, and all-terrain wheels. Electric wheels for a skateboard that are hiding the motor are hub wheels, while longboard wheels are larger than 2.5” and ideal for long rides. If you want to drive your skateboard on all types of surfaces, buy electric skateboard rubber wheels.

Orangatang Caguama review

These electric skateboard tires are much bigger and can be up to 10” wide. These electric skateboard 2 pneumatic wheels are ideal if you want to combine extreme sports with skateboarding. Electric skateboard replacement wheels for sale can be universal, but you should know which size you need, material and the bearings should be high-quality made.

Electric Skateboard Deck

When buying the boards, you will notice two main types of material construct the deck: wooden and carbon fiber electric skateboard deck. If you want to ride your board during any weather conditions, go with the carbon fiber material. They often have additional layer and high composite construction that makes it waterproof, which is approved with IP67 certificate.

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck

Wooden decks are often made from very durable maple wood. More layers are constructing more firm deck. However, there should be an additional layer of bamboo wood. It adds to the flexibility of the skateboard which is very important if you want better control of the board when going at fast speed.

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck review

If the construction of the deck is high-quality, then you can have a lightweight and firm board with a high weight capacity. All decks must have a grip tape which increases the stability of the rider when driving the board. Beside material, the decks are differing by length, width, height, and shape.

Electric Skateboard Trucks

Electric skateboard trucks hold wheels to the deck and enable the rider to turn. They are a very important part of the bord, as well as the wheels. The main part of the motorized skateboard trucks is the kingpin. Reversed kingpin stands taller and it’s designed for driving skateboard on long trips, while the traditional kingpin stands lower and it’s suitable for doing tricks.

Electric Skateboard Trucks

Another important part of the electric trucks skateboard are the pivot points. They determine how easily you can turn the deck. The ball-shaped ones are suitable for quick turns, while the cylinder ones for very stable turns. The best cheap electric skateboard trucks for sale can be found at online retailers such as Amazon.

Electric Skateboard Trucks review

You can buy universal ones if you have to replace the old ones. But, if you can find specifically made trucks for your model, buy them because they will maintain the high performance of the board.

Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

If you want to do DIY electric skateboard, you will need to buy a reliable electric skateboard motor mount. This part helps you attach the motor to the trucks, and it must be stable and high-quality made.

Premium DIY Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

The motor mount that can easily fall off can damage the board, and you can get injured while driving the skateboard. It’s the best if they’re made from high-grade aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber platers.

Premium DIY Electric Skateboard Motor Mount review

When buying the motor mount, try to find the kit where everything you need for assemblage is included. It’s important that all the parts of the kit, including the tools, are high-quality made and can ensure that the motor will be safely attached to the board.

Electric Skateboard Battery

Every model of the electric skateboard has its type of battery. The most common is the electric skateboard lithium battery. The batteries can be different based on strength, voltage, durability, and range.

DIYE Mini Electric Skateboard Enclosure for Battery

In general, if you want to have a spare pack of batteries or need a new one, I recommend buying the same ones which were included with your model when you bought it. In that way, you can maintain the system’s performance at the same level. The best models of skateboard have a battery that has a very long range.

DIYE Mini Electric Skateboard Enclosure for Battery review

The range can be from 5 miles up to 30 miles, which depends on durability and additional features such as regenerative braking system. Also, it’s desirable that they have fast charging time and that you can easily switch the old pack of batteries with a new one.

The Charger For The Battery

Electric skateboard charger is often included in the package with the model. This is important because the charger is designed for the strength and the durability of the battery. In that way, you don’t have to search for a suitable charger.

The Charger For The Battery

Also, the battery will last longer if you charge with the suitable charger. However, the charger can get damaged. If you’re searching for the replacement, try to find the same charger for the battery to keep the board’s performance at a high level.

The Charger For The Battery review

You can buy a universal charger too, but it can damage the battery which can start to get empty faster or charge longer. The worst thing is if the charger causes the battery to overheat which will cause damage and you’ll probably have to buy a new pack of batteries.

Motorized Skateboard Lights

The lights aren’t a very common feature, but the safest skateboards have them. These are most often taillights that can be multifunctional. Some models have lights that are used both as indicators of battery level and as signals for vehicles behind you when you’re turning from the street.

Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

You can buy them as accessories if you want to add them to your skateboard. If your model already has the lights, but they’re damaged, try to find new ones and replace them because they’re a very practical part of the board.

Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards review

On the market, you can buy both universal and specifically made lights. It’s not important if they’re from your model brand or not, an only important feature is that they fit and don’t disturb your ride.

Remote Controller For The Electric Skateboard

Another very important part is the remote controller which is always included with your board. You must use it to control the speed, direction, and braking. If it has the LCD screen you can check your current speed or battery level. They can be wireless or Bluetooth connection to your board.

Remote Controller For The Electric Skateboard

The main thing you must to when assembling the board is the pairing recognition between the remote controller and your board. You can see instructions for that which are always available in the user manual included in the package. Remote controller should have ergonomic design that easily fits in the hand so that is comfortable to hold it.

Remote Controller For The Electric Skateboard review

It should have the wrist strap so it doesn’t fall off from the hand. It always has its battery pack with a suitable charger. If it’s damaged, you should buy specifically made remote for your model. If you buy a universal one, it could happen that you won’t be able to control your board as efficiently as with the remote from the brand.

Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Maxfind New Electric Skateboard DIY Kit

Maybe you own the ordinary skateboard, but you want to make it electrically powered? Then look for the electric skateboard conversion kit available on the market. It’s a great package with the motor, motor mount and all other tools that you’ll need if you want to convert your skateboard to the electrically motorized board.

Maxfind New Electric Skateboard DIY Kit review

The kits are different based on the motor included. So if you want a very fast electric skateboard, you’ll need a high-powered motor in the kit. With the conversion kit, you should get the user manual which should help you in assembling the motor on the skateboard. Besides the motor, it includes the battery pack, suitable charger, and remote controller.

Conclusion: Which Electric Skateboard Parts To Buy?

In my opinion, the most important motorized skateboard parts are the battery and motor, since they are based on the system that allows certain speed and range of the skateboard. When they’re damaged, you should always buy specifically made parts for your models. Other parts equally important are the trucks and wheels, to ensure a comfortable and stable ride. The additional parts you should always have are a spare pack of battery and taillights.