Evolve Electric Skateboards, Parts & Accessories For Sale Review

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Find out why to choose Evolve skateboard models among other brands. I will describe to you 4 models available on the market. Read about their design, technical specifications, and unique features. You can compare them to choose the one that is the most suitable for you. You can also learn about their replacement parts, accessories and user manual. In the end, I will give my opinion about the best model on the list.


Advantages Of Evolution Electric Skateboard

Very Sturdy Deck And Large Wheels

The Evolve electric skateboard prices are one of the most expensive on the market. But the brand offers the most durable construction of the deck and large wheels that will ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain.

The Longest Range Of Battery

If you want to go on very long trips, buy Evolve electric skateboard. The Evolve e skateboard has the battery with one of the longest ranges on the market. Therefore you can drive up to 30 miles per charge.

The Highest Speed And Strong Motor

According to other Evolve skateboard review, this brand manufactures the boards that have one of the highest-powered motors. These motors ensure very high speeds up to 26 mph which are one of the highest on the market. Also, you will be able to climb very steep hills.

High-Tech Remote Control

With the Evolve electric skateboard for sale, you will get the remote controller which has a very advanced system that lets you easily control all the features of the board. Also, it’s designed to be very comfortable and easy to carry.

Warranty And Return Policy

All models come with the warranty. In case of damages described in the user manual, the parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. Also, you can return the model to the Evolve skate shop within 7 days from purchase if you’re not content and get your money back.

Evolve Electric Skateboard Review

Evolve GTX Model

There are available street and all-terrain version. This model is a street version that’s stronger and has 31 miles of battery range. The motor has the power of 3000W which is very high. Therefore this Evolve bamboo GTX for sale has a maximum speed of 26.6 mph.

According to other Evolve bamboo gtx reviews, this model has four-speed modes: GT, FAST, ECO and SLOW. These for modes are managed with included remote controller. It features magnetic trigger controls for very smooth acceleration and braking.

Evolve GTX Model

The remote control has an LCD digital screen that shows current speed, distance, and other skateboard diagnostics. There is the programmable safety/deadman switch. It has an ergonomic design and it’s coated with rubber.

So the remote controller is very comfortable to hold. Slow mode is suited for easy control and safe top speed, while the eco mode ensures a relaxed ride. The fast mode lets you reach the maximum speeds, while the GT mode is ideal when you’re climbing up to 25-degree steep hills.

The board has very large tires that are 3.8” wide in diameter. They’re made from very sturdy material that will let you drive on any terrain such as tarmac, bitumen, concrete, etc. The power and speed of this model are supported with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Evolve GTX Model review

The charger for the battery is included in the package. The grip tape on the board is laser cut and perfect for maintaining the stability of the rider. The deck is made from bamboo wooden layers which ensure high flexibility.

The flexibility of the deck helps to manage the high speeds. The board is 37” long and it’s approximately 16 pounds heavy. Because of the high power and speed, it’s not the best choice for children under 14 years or adults that are new to the electric skateboarding.


  • high power motor
  • high speeds and long-range
  • large tires
  • remote controller with LCD screen
  • 4-speed modes

  • not suitable for teenagers or beginners

Evolve Bamboo GT Series

This board has a maximum speed of 26 mph and 21 miles of battery range which is lower in comparison to the previous model. However, the dual brushless motors have the power of 3000W. Like the previous model, with the GT speed mode, you can accelerate so fast to climb even 25-degree steep hills.

The slow mode is for the beginners, while the eco mode ensures a smooth and relaxed ride. The fast mode lets you reach the maximum speeds. All of these modes can be changed with the remote controller that’s included in the package.

Evolve Bamboo GT Series

The remote controller has the magnetic trigger controls, as the previous one. It lets you see all the data on its LCD such as speed, current distance and other system features such as battery level.

Ergonomic design with rubber coating makes the remote very comfortable to hold. It has a programmable safety switch. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included, as well as the specific charger for that battery.

Evolve Bamboo GT Series review

Wheels are 3.3” wide in diameter and made very sturdy so they can endure any rough terrain, such as dirt, grass, bitumen, concrete, tarmac, etc. The deck is made from the bamboo layers which ensure flexibility and easy managing of high speeds.

The grip tape is great for keeping the balance of the rider while driving at high speeds. The model also has the super-carve truck system that adds to the safety of the board. The deck is 38” long, and it weighs approximately 25 pounds. Therefore it’s not very lightweight.


  • flexible and durable deck
  • wheels for any terrain
  • high-tech remote control

  • less battery range
  • lower speed
  • heavy

Evolve Carbon GT Series

Like the previous model, this one also has a very long range and high speeds. The lithium-ion battery of this street version of the model supports dual brushless motors that have the power of 3000W.

This power supports maximum speeds of 26 mph, which is very fast. You can change the speed mode with the included remote control. Like previous models, it has four modes: slow, eco, fast and GT.

The GT mode is ideal for acceleration when you want to ride uneven terrain such as 25-degree steep hills. The fast mode drives you at the highest speeds, the eco mode maintains the medium-speed for continuos relaxed driving while the slow mode is suitable for beginners.

Evolve Carbon GT Series

Because of the high power, speed, and technologically advanced system, this board isn’t the best for young children and teenagers, as well as for the adults which are beginners at electric skateboarding.

If you want to drive very long per single charge of the battery, this is the right model for you. It features 31 miles of range which is very long. That means the lithium-ion battery is very durable. The charger for the battery is included n the package.

Speed, direction, and braking are controlled with the remote that’s included with the board. Like previous models, it has the LCD that shows you all the features such as speed, battery level, distance, and other system specifications.

Evolve Carbon GT Series review

The remote controller has the programmable safety switch, and it’s very comfortable to hold because of the rubber coating and ergonomic design. It features magnetic trigger controls so you can smoothly accelerate and brake.

Wheels are 3.3” wide in diameter and ensure comfortable driving on any hard terrain such as bitumen, concrete or other. The advantage of this model in comparison to others is a very sturdy deck in combination with the highest speed and battery range.

Unlike previous models, this one is made from carbon fiber which makes the deck very durable and flexible. Therefore, it can support much rougher rides in comparison to previous models, and it’s more long-lasting.


  • very firm deck construction
  • high speed and long-range
  • remote control with LCD screen

  • very heavy
  • not suitable for any terrain
  • not suitable for young kids and beginner adults

Evolve Bamboo One Model

This model is 37.5” long. It weighs 16 pounds so it will be easy to carry it with you. The deck is made from layers of bamboo wood which makes the deck very flexible and it will be easy to manage the board at high speeds.

Evolve Bamboo One Model

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included and it supports the dual brushless motors with power of 3000W. This power supports a maximum speed of 22 mph which is the smallest in comparison to other models. The charger for the battery is included.

The 21 miles of battery range makes this board suitable for long-trips. The wheels are suitable for all-terrain because they’re made from high-quality materials. The large size of wheels makes fast ride very comfortable even on rough surfaces.

Evolve Bamboo One Model review

Speed of the board is managed with the high-tech R2 remote controller included in the package. It has an LCD which shows you the current speed, distance and other specifications such as battery level.

With the remote, you can brake, accelerate and change the speed modes. Like other models, this one also features 4 speed modes: slow, eco, fast and GT mode. Because of the high-powered dual motors, in the GT mode you can accelerate very fast and climb up to 25-degree steep hills.



  • lightweight
  • includes advanced R2 remote controller

  • the lowest speed
  • lower battery range

Evolve Electric Skateboard Parts And Accessories

The accessories that you can buy for your board are the Evolve skateboard backpack for carrying it or Evolve skateboard lights. You can also buy addition Evolve skateboard wheels. However, if the wheels are damaged and you’re looking for the replacement, buy from the brand. Also, the parts such as Evolve skateboard remote and motor should be bought from the brand. But, the Evolve electric skateboard trucks and the battery can be replaced with universal parts. However, the universal battery could have different charge time. If you want to learn more, read my post about universal electric skateboard parts and accessories.

Evolve Skateboard User Manual And Instructions

Every model comes with the user manual which you should read before usage. Check if all the parts are delivered, and read the instructions for the assemblage and pairing recognition between remote and the board. In the user manual, you can also find the advice for skateboard maintenance and other operating instructions that will help you to correctly use this high-tech board.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Evolve Skateboard?

In my opinion, the best Evolve electric skateboard is the model from Carbon GT series. This Evolve skateboard model has the best features when we are comparing all 4 models that I’ve reviewed. It has the sturdy carbon fiber deck, the highest maximum speed, and the longest battery range. It’s ideal board for driving on rough surfaces for a long time at high speed. It will ensure comfortable and unique skateboarding experience that won’t disappoint you.