Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards Reviews For Sale In 2021

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I will describe to you which are the IP65 electric skateboards offered on the market, so you can be sure they aren’t ruined during the heavy rain. The IP65 is the official certificate for the approved waterproof design. Read about the two models on the list and learn about their technical specifications and design. You can compare them and decide which one is the best for your needs.


Things To Know Before Buying A Waterproof Electric Skateboard

Waterproof Electric Skateboard Motor

When buying the model, you can find the motors with belts and hub-motors. The hub motor is hidden within the wheels which must be highly waterproof to prevent damages on the motor. However, it’s ideal if the motor itself has a waterproof material that won’t rust and fracture.

The Certificate Which Approves The Waterproof Design

As I already mentioned, all waterproof models must be tested for their ability to avoid rusting and other damages caused by the materials by water. If the tests are passed, the products get the official IP65 certificate that guarantees high-quality design.

High-Quality Materials

The waterproof design is ensured with the materials that are strong enough to prevent the water to cause damages such as delamination, fractures and rusting. Besides the type of material, it’s important how they’re constructed into the board which contributes to the most efficient protection from the water.

Lightweight Design And Weight Capacity

Although waterproof board lets you to skateboard during any weather, other features are important too. Therefore, I would recommend searching for the boards with low weight because they’re easy to carry and manage at very high speeds. It’s desirable that the board also has a high weight capacity.

The Size Of The Wheels And Battery Range

The last thing I would search on board is the battery range which should be at least 8 miles long if you want to go on medium-long and long trips. Also, wheels size should be above 2.5” wide in diameter if you plan to ride it the board on rough roads at high speeds. For doing tricks, smaller wheels are more suitable.

The Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard Review

The Best Fast Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Max 2 Model

This model is a great choice if you want the board that has a lot of power for high speeds and rough surfaces. This is the best electric skateboard for hills and the fastest electric skateboard in its category.

The dual motors have a 1000W of power that supports maximum speeds of 23 mph. They are placed inside the wheels for better looks and lower weight. Very high power ensures climbing up to 35% steep hill which is one of the greatest features this Maxfind waterproof electric skateboard offers.

Construction of the deck is made from the all-black diamond-cut fiberglass which adds to the durability and flexibility. Besides that, it looks very attractive and modern. The grip tape is made from the synthetic PVC material.

Maxfind Max 2 Model

Grip tape keeps the rider stable on its board. It’s 31” long. Because of the more heavy-duty construction, it’s slightly heavier in comparison to another model I will review. It weighs 13.6 pounds, and it’s still lightweight enough for easy carrying.

The great user-friendly feature is the board’s low weight and high weight capacity at the same time. This deck can support weight up to 220 pounds so almost any adult or teenager can ride it.

The whole construction is waterproof and approved with the IP65 certificate. Therefore you can be sure that the water won’t get inside the hub motors.Wheels are 3.5” wide in diameter which is perfect for managing very high speeds on a rough surface.

Maxfind Max 2 Model review

Besides that, the battery has a long-range of 16.2 miles. So you can go very far with this model which is one of the greatest features. The 4.4 AH LG lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and fully charged within 2 hours.

Regenerative braking system generates energy from braking and going downhill to the battery which extends its range. The wireless remote controller with rechargeable battery is included, and it lets you control speed, direction, braking, etc.

Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold. In the package, you’ll get the charger for the remote and another one for the bord. The user manual describes the steps for assemblage and pairing recognition. All parts are covered with a 6-month limited warranty.

The Best Lightweight Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Max C Model

It has less power than the previous one, but it’s more lightweight. The whole construction weighs only 8.1 pounds so it’s one of the lightest boards on the market. It’s easy to carry in hand or a backpack.

It has a single hub-motor with 500W power. This single motor is supported with the 2.2AH 36V lithium-ion battery. The battery is fully charged after 1 hour which is much faster in comparison to the previous model.

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max C

The power ensures the maximum speed of 14 mph. The range of the battery is 8 miles, so you can take shorter trips with this model. However, this is compensated with fast charging of the battery so you can continue the ride sooner.

The system features 2 different riding modes which you can easily switch with the included wireless remote controller. Besides that, you can turn on the auto cruiser mode. The remote controller is made from high-density ABS material.

Its 450 mah battery is also charged very fast, within 30 minutes. The remote is used for changing speed, direction, braking, etc. The deck is made from carbon fiber material and option-hydrographic transfer printing.

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max C review

Construction of this Maxfind waterproof electric skateboard is approved by IP65 certification. Besides that, it features CE, FCC, ROHS, MSDS and UN38.3 certificates. It’s slightly smaller than the previous model. Its length is 27.62”, width is 9.37” and height is 5.83”.

Wheels are also smaller and they’re 2.75” wide in diameter. However, they’re perfect for the maximum speed and range of this board. Wheels are made from polyurethane and their high-quality structure protects the hub motor.

The regenerative braking system extends the battery life because it generates the energy from braking into the battery system. The package includes the chargers for the remote controller and the board, as well as the user manual with assemblage and operation instructions.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard?

Comparing these two models, I think the better one is the Maxfind Max 2 model. It has much greater strength because of the dual motors. Therefore you can drive at higher speeds and climbing steeper hills. Although it’s slightly heavier, you can drive longer on a single battery charger. Additionally bigger wheels are making the ride more comfortable. This certified waterproof model will ensure the best riding experience under any weather conditions.