Boosted Board Electric Skateboards & Parts For Sale Reviews

Are you interested in buying a Boosted board?

But you would like to know more about the brand?

This article will give you information about the Boosted electric skateboard models. You can learn about models available and their technical specifications. I will describe which advantages Boosted skateboard has in comparison to models from other brands. Also, you can read about the user manual content, available replacement parts, and accessories, and I will compare the brand with the Genesis and Yuneec brand. Therefore, you’ll have all the information to easily decide if you want to buy Boosted board.


Advantages Of Buying Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

High Powered Motor And High Speed

In comparison to other models on the market, the electric Boosted board has very strong motors with at least 1000W of power. The high powered motors support the highest speed you can find on the market.

Long Range Battery

The best Boosted board for sale have the very long battery range that will allow you to go on longer trips with your board. This is also ensured with the regenerative braking system that easily extends the battery range.

Deck Construction

According to other Boosted board review, this brand has unique construction of the deck. It’s made with techniques developed in snowboard manufacturing. So the deck is durable and flexible and great at vibration absorption for a comfortable and smooth ride.

Climb Steep Hills

If you want to climb hills with your skateboard, buy Boosted board. Because of the high powered belt motors, the system can accelerate very fast. This enables you to climb easily at least 20-degree steep hills.

Warranty And Return Policy

Another great offer of the brand is the 30-day guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days from purchase and get your money back. All the parts are covered with 1-year limited warranty if damaged in situations described in the user manual.

The Best Boosted Board Review

Boosted Board Stealth Model

The Boosted board Stealth top speed is 24 high mph. You’ll be satisfied with the skateboarding experience if you buy this Boosted board for sale near me. That high speed is ensured because of Boosted board motor specs.

Dual motors have the power of 2100W. Belt drive design uses 3:1 gear ratio so you can have a smooth ride, and also easily climb a 25-degree steep hill. For this Boosted skateboard price you will also get the battery with extended range.

Boosted Board Stealth Model

Therefore, you can ride 14 miles per one battery charge and according to other Boosted electric skateboard reviews, this model is ideal for long trips. The battery is fully charged after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The system has regenerative braking which extends the battery range. The energy created when braking or going downhill is generated into the battery that lasts longer. The speed can be adjusted between 5 ride modes.

Fifth Hyper mode is new, and it allows accelerating up to the highest speed limit of 24 mph. Beside great speed and range, this model also features high-quality construction of the deck. Its SuperFlex composite deck is very sturdy and flexible at the same time.

Boosted Board Stealth Model review

The flexibility will allow very smooth control of the board at very high speed, which is important for a comfortable and responsive ride. All the features are controlled with the included remote control.

The remote control has an ergonomic design and the speed is easily adjusted with the throttle. Every ride mode includes unique Jerk Filter that provides smooth taper when accelerating or braking The highest ride mode doesn’t have the filter.

Wheels are suitable for fast driving because they’re 3.35” wide in diameter. These Stratus wheels are custom designed and made from polyurethane. They’re mounted on 7.48” long trucks with added material for increased strength. The trucks are CNC precision-machined.


  • high speed and range
  • high powered motor
  • easily climb steep hills
  • flexible composite deck
  • regenerative braking

  • isn’t waterproof
  • without all-terrain wheels

Boosted Skateboard 2nd Gen Dual Standard Range Model

This Boosted board motor watts are slightly lower in comparison to the previous model. The dual motors have 2000W of power. This ensures the Boosted board max speed of 22 mph. This is fast in comparison to other models on the market.

Battery range of this Boosted 2000W skateboard is 6 miles. However, if you buy an extended battery, you can have 12 miles of range which is better for longer trips. With the standard battery, you can go on short trips. The battery is fully charged after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Boosted Skateboard 2nd Gen Dual Standard Range Model

For this Boosted electric skateboard price you’ll get a high-quality made board which is easy to carry anywhere. The bord is made from Super Flex composite deck which makes it both durable and flexible.

This ensures a responsive ride at the highest speeds. The surface of the deck is layered with the extra traction grip tape which ensures the stability of the rider. Deck is 38” long, 11” wide and 5.8” high.

It weighs only 15 pounds so this Boosted dual electric skateboard is very easy to carry and control. According to other Boosted dual reviews, this model ensures fast acceleration and quick braking which provides a high-performance.

Boosted Skateboard 2nd Gen Dual Standard Range Model review

All the features are controlled with the Bluetooth remote control which is included in the package. It has a wheel control to adjust speed, direction, accelerate and brake. Also, you have the LED indicators for battery level of both the board and remote.

It has a regenerative braking system. The high powered motor ensures climbing 25-degree steep hills. Stratus wheels are 3.35” wide in diameter which makes them great for riding at high speeds on rough terrain. They’re mounted on 7.48” long CNC precision machined trucks.


  • durable composite deck
  • climbing steep hills
  • 4 ride modes
  • regenerative braking

  • lower motor power
  • lower speed and range
  • isn’t waterproof

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model

For this Boosted board low price you’ll get a very portable model, with great specification. It’s smaller than previously reviewed models and it has lower speed and motor power. The Boosted board motor has 1000W of power.

It’s run by a lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in 1 hour and 45 minutes. The motor ensures Boosted board Mini X top speed of 20 mph. You can go very fast with this board, and the battery range of 14 miles is big enough for going on long trips.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model

Although Boosted board Mini top speed is lower than of previous models, this model has other great features. Its deck is 29.5” long, 11” wide and 5.7” high, so you can easily carry it in a backpack which makes it very convenient for traveling.

It weighs 16.5 pounds, so this Boosted electric skateboard for sale is lightweight and easy to hold. Because of the lower motor power, this motor can’t climb 25-degree steep hills, but only 20-degree steep hills.

According to other Boosted board mini-review, this ensures a very responsive ride at high speeds because of the deck construction. It has a composite deck built around strong and lightweight poplar core and layered in fiberglass.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model review

The deck is durable and flexible, which makes it easier to control the board when driving fast. The surface is layered with grip tape that keeps the rider stable while driving. The system has regenerative braking that extends the battery range.

This cheap Boosted board for sale has Lunar wheels that are 3.15” wide in diameter and suitable for the maximum speed this model can reach. They’re also mounted on the CNC precision-machined trucks that are 7.48” long.

The remote control is included in the package. The board is delivered assembled, you only have to do pair recognition between the remote and the board. Use the Bluetooth remote control for switching between 3-speed modes, changing direction, to accelerate and brake.


  • composite deck
  • regenerative braking system
  • portable

  • the lower power of the motor
  • lower speed and range
  • can’t climb 25-degree steep hills
  • fewer speed modes

Best Boosted Board Accessories And Replacement Parts

Since they go so fast you should buy the best Boosted board helmet. Also, you should buy other Boosted board accessories such as Boosted board backpack, lights, spare wheels, etc. Also, if some of the parts are broken, try to replace it with the new specifically made ones. So you can find Boosted board motor for sale, best Boosted board belts, bearing and motor cover. This will ensure high performance of the motor. I will also recommend buying the best Boosted board wheels you can find and Boosted board battery to maintain the long-range and comfortable ride. However, you can buy universal parts too. If you want to learn more, read my post about the universal electric skateboard replacement parts and accessories.

Boosted Electric Skateboard User Manual And Instructions

Every Boosted skateboard for sale comes with the user manual. In the user manual, you can read the list of parts, operation and installation instructions. Also, you can read in which situations you can use the warranty included with the Boosted board for sale. Before riding the electric Boosted skateboard, read the user manual. If you want to learn more now, read this online Boosted board user manual.

Boosted Board Vs Genesis

In this Boosted board comparison, I will give you the main differences between these two brands. Genesis skateboards don’t feature as high speed and weight limit as the Boosted board skateboard models. According to Boosted skateboard review, Boosted electric skateboard price is higher in comparison to the Genesis brand. The Genesis boards are waterproof, but if you want fast boards with long-range, choose Boosted.

Boosted Board Vs Yuneec

In comparison to Boosted board price, Yuneec prices are higher. Unlike a Boosted motorized skateboard, Yuneec models have lower motor power and speeds. The main reason for that is that Yuneec uses one motor. The battery range depends on the model, but you can find long-range models of both brands. However, the Boosted skate has shorter battery charging time. Boosted models have better-constructed decks, and if you want to have the best skateboarding experience, choose the Boosted brand.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Boosted Board?

In my opinion, the best Boosted board is the Stealth model. It has the highest power of the motor, and therefore it’s the fastest model with the longest range. It’s ideal for long rides at high speeds. Composite durable and flexible deck and high-quality made wheels ensure a comfortable ride. Also, you can easily climb the hills and the regenerative braking is additionally extending the battery range.