Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Models & Parts For Sale Reviews

Are you considering to buy the Yuneec electric skateboard?

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This is Yuneec electric skateboard review, and I will describe to you the benefits of choosing the Yuneec e-go electric skateboard models, and describe their specifications such as weight capacity, maximum speed and battery range, included items, etc. You can read about the comparison with the Boosted skateboard, learn about parts and accessories and the Yuneec models assembly. This article can be of great use for you, and later on, you will easier decide if you want to buy from this brand or not.


Benefits Of Yuneec Electric Skateboard Models

The Aviation Brushless Motor Technology

The brand offers great technologies that are evident in the motor system. The brushless motor is energy-efficient and it ensures the regenerative braking system. When you brake, the energy is generated to the battery so it lasts longer and therefore you can drive more miles before the battery runs out.

Advanced Software And Hardware

The software can be found in the electronic control unit which is hidden between the battery and the engine. The brand has design high-tech software and hardware that are very reliable and allows the easy communication between the remote control, battery and engine so you as the user can have an optimal skateboarding experience.

The Waterproof Battery Casing

The battery is located in the casing with patented design. It’s called ”6 Flex” and it’s one of the unique features of this brand. The casing is waterproof and the best thing is that it changes the shape with the movement of the deck. Therefore it allows the ultimate deck flexibility while being protected from the damages that can be caused when driving.

Long Battery Range And Battery Indicator

The great user-friendly feature of the Yuneec skateboards is the battery range that is the longest one you can find on the market. This is supported by the advanced regenerative braking system. Also, the remote control features the battery power ¬†indicator on both board and remote, so you will know when it’s time to recharge.

Smartphone Mode And E-go App

You don’t have to control the speed, direction, acceleration and braking with the wireless remote. If you want to, you can use your smartphone, which is a great combination. Just install correctly the e-go app and start using your phone, while on the remote control is turned on the smartphone model.

High-Quality E-go Wheels

The wheels are big enough to comprehend the high speed with rough terrain. They are 3.5” in diameter and made from very strong polyurethane material. They have a hardness rating of SHR83AA, elastic rebounds and Abec bearings that allow the most comfortable skateboarding.

Return Policy And Warranty

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 14 days from the purchase. If some parts have been delivered broken, or they are damaged in situations described in the user manual, you can use the 1-year limited warranty which all the Yuneec products have.

Yuneec Electric Skateboard Review

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard

According to other Yuneec e-go electric skateboard review, this is one of the durable, stable and flexible skateboards for a long trip. The deck is 38 inches long and 9.4 inches wide. It weighs only 13.8 pounds so it’s very lightweight and easy to carry.

It has an aviation brushless DC motor with high-efficient energy consuming and 400W power. The motor is powered with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the 240V/110V battery charger with localized electric plug is included in the package. The time needed for the battery to be fully charged is about 3-5 hours.

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard

The Yuneec e-go electric skateboard battery range is approximately 18 miles which is one of the longest ranges that you will find on the market, so if you want to go on long rides this skateboard is ideal for you. The 400W motor is enabling up to 12 mph.

The maximum weight capacity of this Yuneec e-go electric skateboard is 220 pounds, therefore both kids and adults can ride it. The high weight limit is supported with a durable and firm deck made from 8 layers of Canadian maple wood.There is a patented 6 Flex battery case that allows the deck flexibility. The wheels are 3.5” wide and 2” high and made from firm polyurethane.

They’re big enough to make the ride on the rough terrain very smooth and comfortable so you won’t stop when facing obstacles such as stones or other. However, they’re not so suitable for doing tricks. Both the speed and direction of the skateboard can be control with a wireless remote controller included in the package.

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard review

It runs on a rechargeable battery you can charge with the included charger. A package includes wireless remote control, a charger, USB cable and tools for assemby such as T-tool and pin tool. You will also get the microfiber cloth for cleaning and replacement grip tape.

The assembly is easy, and you can read the instructions in the Yuneec e-go electric skateboard manual which also describes how to properly take care of a battery and other parts so they can last as long as possible.


  • long battery range
  • big wheels for long driving

  • long time for battery charging
  • not the highest speed available

Yuneec E-go 2 Electric Skateboard

The driving system makes no noise because of the powerful and efficient motor. Like the previous model, this also has a motor with 400W strength. The battery range is about 18 miles, like the previous model. The charging of the battery lasts up to 5 hours.

Also, the Yuneec e-go2 electric skateboard top speed is 12 mph. Therefore the speed and range are also suitable for longer trips. The ball-bearing wheels are made from polyurethane and strong enough to endure the curved terrain. They’re 3.5” wide and 2” high.

Yuneec E-go 2 Electric Skateboard

It has a composite deck that is made from maple wood so it’s durable, flexible and long-lasting. The weight of the skateboard is about 6 pounds so it’s very practical and portable.

Wireless remote control is included, and it lets you accelerate and brake, change the direction and adjust the speed. The built-in vibration alarms tell you how much battery power the board and remote are having.

The great user-friendly feature is the fact that you can control the skateboard with your smartphone. The remote control has the smartphone model, and the connection with the mobile phone is through e-go app.

Yuneec E-go 2 Electric Skateboard review

The unique feature that this Yuneec e-go 2 electric skateboard has which differs it from the previous model is its kicktail shape. This design is very user-friendly because it allows more control, stability and more precise steering.

Yuneec e-go2 electric skateboard is available in a royal wave, hot pink or cool mint color, so you can choose what best suits your style. The package includes the Yuneec e-go 2 charger, a battery, T-tool, and pin tool for assemblage and USB-cable.


  • kicktail design for better control
  • wireless remote control with smartphone mode
  • many colors to choose

  • long battery charging

Yuneec Vs Boosted Board

There are main differences between the Yuneec electric skateboard and Boosted bord. They both have the wireless remote control, but the charging time of the battery is lower with boosted bord and it lasts only 1.5-2 hours.

The battery range is much lower and it’s just 12 miles, while the Yuneec models have 18 miles maximum range. So for longer range, the Yuneec is the right choice. But if you want the battery that will be charged fastly and the stronger motor, the Boosted board is recommended.

The batteries of a Boosted skateboard are swappable, while the Yuneec doesn’t have that option. The Boosted motor has the power of 1500W which is far greater than the motor power of Yuneec skateboard.

If you want a more lightweight and portable skateboard, the Yuneec is a better choice because the Boosted board weighs 14.7 pounds. But, the Boosted skateboard allows more speed and the maximum speed limit is 20mph, while the Yuneec board has a limit of 12 mph.

Both of them have a regenerative braking system that generates the power from the brakes to charge the battery. Therefore the whole system is more energy-efficient and the battery lasts longer.

The Boosted board is better for hilly areas because it can easily drive up hills at the 20% grade or less. In the end, I can conclude that the Boosted boards are the great choice if you want to go fast on the hills or straight roads, and when needed to quickly charge the battery.

There are more high-quality features, but the Boosted bord has higher price too. On the other hand, the Yuneec skateboard models are ideal for a smaller budget and have all quality-features and one of the longest battery ranges on the market.

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Parts And Accessories

I recommend buying the branded replacement parts if you break one of the important parts that are the center of the electric technology system such as motor, remote control or battery. In case you need to replace the wheels, deck, grip tape or a charger, you can go with the universal models. There are a lot of accessories too, such as helmet, different sizes of wheels and designs of grip tapes, tools, etc. Both branded accessories and spare parts can be bought from the manufacturer, and the rest of the universal items can be found at online retailers such as Amazon. If you want to learn more about them, read my post about universal electric skateboard parts and accessories.

Assemblage Of Yuneec E-go Skateboard Models

When delivered, the skateboard needs a smaller installation, because it’s already preassembled in the factory. You will need to connect the trucks and wheels to the skateboard’s deck and do the syncing of the remote control and the board system. These steps are described in the user manual in the installation chapter. In the manual, you can find the list of all parts so you should check if you have all of them and that the board is assembled correctly before driving it. If you lost the manual, or you want to read it right now and learn more, you can read the Yuneec electric skateboard online user manual with installation instructions.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Yuneec Electric Skateboard?

Considering all the features, the Yuneec E-go 2 electric skateboard is, in my opinion, the best model you could buy from the Yuneec. It has improved features such as kicktail design for better stability, regenerative braking, and you can control it from your smartphone with e-go app. Also, the remote control has a built-in vibration indicator for the battery life of both the board and the wireless remote. Other features are the same, so if the speed, portable design, and battery range are important to you, both e-go and e-go 2 models will be a good choice for you and won’t disappoint.