SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Models & Parts For Sale Reviews

Do you want to buy yourself a Skatebolt electric skateboard?

But you didn’t find enough Skatebolt reviews to confirm that idea?

Well, then this article will be great for you to read.

I will write about the advantages that Skatebolt brand offers and give you a quick review of two great models from Skatebolt. Also, you can read about the parts and accessories available on the market, as well about the assemblage of Skatebolt products. The comparison between the Boosted and Skatebolt brand will help you to be even more objective when deciding whether you should buy a Skatebolt model of skateboards. Continue to read for more useful information.


The Benefits Of Skatebolt Electric Skateboards

The Fastest Speed And The Longest Range

Because of the strong dual motor system, and braking system, the Skatebolt has made the boards that have the highest speed available on the market and the longest range. So if you want to go fast through the town, to work, college or school, the durable high-quality fast Skatebolat skateboards are the best choice for you.

Regenerative Braking System

The long range is ensured because the battery can last very long. The Skatebolt has developed this great feature because of the regenerative braking system. So when braking or going downhill, the energy from the motor is regenerated to the battery which extends its endurance and allows you to drive longer.

Warning Red Taillights

One of the great safety features is red taillights that warn the cars behind you that you’re on the skateboard. They are also very useful when you riding during the night or in the darker streets to see better.

Customer Service

The Skatebolt has the warehouse in Los Angeles, and every item will be delivered within 7 days. There are a lot of repair centers in LA where professional engineers are available for support and repairing of the board within 3 business days.

Warranty And Certificates

All the parts of the skateboard are covered with a 6-month limited warranty that you can use if the skateboard has broken because of the wrong assemblage in a factory or in other situations that you can read in the user manual. Both safety and quality are approved with the certificates such as EMC, FCC, LVD, and ROHS.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Review

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

This Skatebolt tornado model has a dual 500W motor which makes it very powerful. The total 1000W motor power energy is supported very fast speeds. There are two types of driving speed modes: normal mode and sports mode.

The normal mode allows a maximum speed of 13.75 mph, while with the sports mode you can drive up to 25 mph. This is one of the fastest skateboards available on the market. And if you need a skateboard for long and fast trips, this is the best model for you.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

Maximum battery range is 18.6 miles which are also one of the longest available on the market. It’s enabled with the regenerative braking system. Also, you can drive it easily up-hill because the motors and speed are strong enough to climb you a 25-degree steep hill.

Another great feature is a durable and flexible deck that is made from 8 layers of northeast maple. Because of the wood’s sturdiness, the maximum weight capacity is up to 280 pounds. This is a second-generation model that has upgraded and better deck. The board is 38” long, 9.4” wide and 5.5” high.

The speed and direction can be controlled with the wireless remote. You can accelerate, brake, go reverse and other. Also, there is a battery life indicator, so you can always know how much power is left.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard review

It’s designed with a finger ring which is very user-friendly since you can hold it better, so it won’t slip from your hands and get damaged. These long fast trips will be comfortable and smooth for you because this model has very large wheels that are 3.5” wide in diameter.

Practical safety features are 2 red warning taillights that ensure safe driving when is dark. Both quality and safety are approved with EMC, FCC, LVD and ROHS certificates and all parts are covered with a 6-month limited warranty.


  • regenerative braking system and long range
  • high speed

  • warranty is only 6-month
  • wheels aren’t small enough for doing tricks

Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite Electric Skateboard

In comparison to the Skatebolt tornado review, this model isn’t so fast, but it’s very unique because of its portable and lightweight design. This mini skateboard weighs only 8.4 pounds, and the weight capacity is 110 pounds. So it’s perfect for kids and teenagers, but not so much for heavy adults.

The board is 20” long, 7” wide and 5.12” high. The deck is made from very 7 layers of very firm and sturdy northeast maple wood that ensures both durability and flexibility. The grip tape is made from high-quality material so the rider can be safe from falling or slipping from the board.

Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite Electric Skateboard

This skateboard has less speed than previous tornado model because it has one motor with only 250W of power. Nevertheless, it supports a maximum speed of 12.4 mph which is still fast enough for having fun skateboarding experience. The low-speed mode is up to 6.2 mph.

The electrical system is based on the powerful 2200 mAh 25.2 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The charger for the battery is included. The battery is long-lasting with its 500 charging cycles and it’s charged within 3 hours.  After being fully charged, it has a range of 9.3 miles, so this skateboard will better choice if you intended to go on shorter trips.

Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite Electric Skateboard review

The remote controller has a 180mAh lithium-ion battery that is fully charged within 2 hours. It has an LCD screen which shows the current speed and battery capacity. It has cruise control function which allows you to continuously ride at the specific speed. You can adjust both speed and direction with it.

Polyurethane wheels are 2.6” big in diameter, therefore smaller than wheels of tornado model. But, they are still big enough for fast driving, and you can do some tricks with it. Both quality and safety are approved with the certificates, and if something is broken because of the factory mal-function or other situation described in the user manual, you have a 6-month limited warranty.


  • The LCD screen on the remote
  • remote with the cruise function
  • lightweight and portable design

  • doesn’t have warning taillight
  • less motor power and speed
  • smaller battery range
  • weight capacity isn’t suitable for heavier adults

Skatebolt Vs Boosted Skateboard Models

Although the Boosted model has about 1500W motor power, while the tornado has the 1000W motor power, the maximum speed of Boosted model is 20mph which is less in comparison to tornado’s maximum speed of 25 mph.

The highest motor power of Boosted models is enabled because of the unique brushless motor belt drive system. Both Boosted and Skatebold models have regenerative braking systems that will allow you to drive your board longer because of the energy from brakes generated into the battery.

Both are very good for hilly areas since they are capable of the 25-degree climb. Boosted model, as well as the Skatebolt tornado and mini models, have wireless remote control for adjusting the speed and direction. But, the advantage of the Boosted brand is the availability of the mobile app that lets you control the board with your smartphone.

Also, the Boosted model has a swappable battery system for easy and fast changing of batteries and the battery can be charged within 2 hours, while the Skatebolt models need about 3 hours for charging.

The wheels of both brands are made of polyurethane and they’re big enough to support fast driving on rough terrain. The Boosted brand has the deck made of bamboo wood, while the Skatebolt has maple wood deck.

Both are supporting high weight because they’re durable and flexible at the same time. When deciding between these two brands, keep in mind that the Skatebolt tornado model has the highest speed and the longest range.

All the rest of the specifications are very similar or the same in comparison to the Boosted brand, except mobile phone app that the Skatebolt doesn’t feature. Therefore, when comparing the fastest Skateboard tornado model and Boosted skateboards, the Skatebolt brand is a winner because of the highest speed and the battery range that one board can have.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Parts And Accessories

If your Skatebolt remote, motor or battery are broken, you should search for specifically made replacement parts on the Skatebolt official website or at online retailers such as Amazon. They will fit the model you have perfectly, and ensure the highest performance. If you’re searching for a new charger or an additional pair of wheels and trucks, the deck you can go with the universal parts. Also, many accessories such as new grip tape, helmet and other can be universal. If you want to know more about additional items for skateboard and new parts, read my post about universal electric skateboard parts and accessories.

Assemblage Of Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Models

If you want to keep your skateboard safe for driving and at the highest performance, read the user manual included in the package. It will inform you about all the parts included, how they work and their number. Therefore you can react immediately if some parts aren’t included in the package. Read about battery charging and maintenance for the battery to last as long as possible. Also, when you get the skateboard you will have to do the pairing recognition between the board and remote control, so you can easily manage the driving. The user manual also contains information about the return policy and warranty, and it describes situations in which you can use a warranty or return the product and get back the money.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Model To Buy?

If you’re a teenager or younger kid that doesn’t mind a slower board in exchange for a compact and lightweight design that you can easily bring to school or anywhere else, the S5 Mini Lite model. But, in regards to all other features, especially the speed and battery range, the tornado model is the best Skateboat electric skateboard you can buy. The weight limit allows both adults and kids to ride it, and big wheels will make the driving safe and comfortable. You can go for long trips on high weight limit durable deck and drive at the highest speeds available on the skateboard market.