Best Koowheel Electric Skateboard Models Specs & Parts Reviews

Are you searching the best brand for the electric skateboards?

KooWheel is the right choice!

KooWheel electric skateboards have many great qualities that make them better in comparison to other models. The unique design, flexible material, battery, motor system, and many other specifications are making their skateboards one of the best products on the market.


Benefits Of Choosing The KooWheel Electric Skateboard

Easy To Swap Battery

The rechargeable battery can be easily replaced with the other battery. Within 30 seconds you can replace so because you don’t have to wait for the battery to recharge for using the board. While one battery is charging, the additional back-up battery allows you to continue the driving.

Longest Battery Range And Highest Speeds

The batteries in the Koowheel electric skateboard have high capacity in comparison to other models available on the market. Also, the strong motor power enables high speed. So it’s ideal if you want to go very fast with the skateboard. It is a great choice if you want to go on a long trip since it features the longest battery range in comparison to other brands.

Additional Motor Cover

One of the unique features is the additional polyurethane cover on the motor that is very durable and it prevents the damages on the motor caused by fast driving. Also, it has the easiest system of swapping this cover, in comparison to other brands that also have it.

Durable And Flexible Deck

The decks are made of maple wood, and they are very durable, but flexible at the same time. That means that the company offers skateboards which are combining stability at high speed and support high weight. Therefore is suitable for people of all ages and weight.

Fast Customer Service

If you have any question about using, maintaining or repairing the skateboard, KooWheel customer service will respond within 2 days. Another user-friendly service is the delivery of ordered replacement part within 3 to 8 days, so you can be sure it won’t take a long time to repair the skateboard if needed.

A Lot Of Repair Centers

But, if you don’t want to repair your skateboard by yourself, or you don’t know how, the KooWheel company is one of the rare ones that offer many repair offices for electric skateboards throughout the USA and Europe. This makes the skateboard repairing more convenient and easy.

Certification And Warranty

The quality and safety of the product are approved with the certificates such as CE, RoHS, FCC, and UN38.3. Besides, the manufacturer is covering all skateboard parts with a 1-year limited warranty that can be used if the part has a manufacturing defect or because of any damage that isn’t caused by misusing the product.

Testing The Product Before Delivery

Another great thing this company is offering are testings of every skateboard right before the delivery to the buyer. They are using the best configuration of motors, remotes, and batteries and every individual part are tested and the skateboard is run 250 minutes before delivery. Therefore, you can be sure you won’t get damaged by the mal-functioned product.

KooWheel Electric Skateboards Reviews

KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model

This KooWheel electric skateboard has two riding modes. The normal mode has the highest speed of 18mph while the advanced mode has the highest speed of 24.8 mph. For unlocking the speed limit, you have to click on the remote button quickly for 5 times.

The battery is powering two 350W motors, which is in total a 700W of power. No matter the motor power, you should have in mind that the speed of the skateboard will depend on other factors such as weight, slope, steepness, temperature, etc.

KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model

The LG lithium-ion battery has the 5500mAh capacity and range from 12.5-15.5 miles depending on speed and weight of the person. This is one of the strongest batteries with the longest range on the market, and it allows you to go on longer trips with your skateboard. The battery’s charging time is from 2 to 3 hours.

The remote control is designed for you to easily manage not only the speed of skateboard but the direction and brakes too. The unique feature is the three LED lights on it. The first one indicates the board’s battery state, the second one indicates when the board and remote are actively connected and the third one is the remote’s battery life indicator.

KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model review

The deck is 36 inches long and it’s made from 7 layers of Canadian maple which ensures that the skateboard is very flexible and durable at the same time. The skateboard was made without splicing, using CNC trimming and grinding which allows more traction during the ride. Also, it’s very durable so it supports the weight up to 287 pounds, therefore it’s suitable for every kid and adult to ride it.

The wheels are 3.8 inches big in diameter which is the ideal size for long driving at very high speed on very rough terrain or firm roads. They are made from durable polyurethane that protects them from damage, and the motor inside them. The motor has additional polyurethane cover for protection from hits and damages during the ride.


  • high battery capacity and range
  • high speeds in both modes
  • LED indicators on the remote control
  • high weight limit

  • long battery charging time
  • wheels too big for doing tricks

KooWheel Onyx Gen 2 D3X Model

According to other KooWheel Onyx Gen 2 reviews, this is a newer model that has improved features, especially the wheels. They have a new installation mechanism that makes the replacement very easy and quick. To swap them you just need to unscrew the 6 bolts with the skate tool included in the package and then slide the wheel off.

Also, they are bigger in comparison to other models so they have 3.8 inches in diameter. Polyurethane material makes them firm and durable, while bigger diameter allows smoother driving without feeling the bumps from the curved terrain or road.

KooWheel Onyx Gen 2 D3X Model

This KooWheel Electric skateboard Onyx Edition also has an upgraded wireless remote controller with reverse mode to help you manage the speeds, direction, and braking system better. The deck is made from Canadian maple wood and it supports the weight up to 286 pounds.

It also has LED indicators for both remote’s and board’s batteries and Bluetooth connectivity between the board and remote. The battery has 5500mAh capacity and 20 miles range. It’s easy to charge and you can easily replace it. The maximum speed is 24.8 mph.

KooWheel Onyx Gen 2 D3X Model review

Like the previous model, it has two hub-motor of 350W, in total 700W of power. They’re more energy efficient because of the more powerful magnet and high-quality copper wire that ensures stronger output power and stability of the motor.

Because of the energy conversion efficiency, the chip temperature is decreased which prevents damages caused by over-heating of the system. In case of any damages in situations described in user-manual, you can use 1-year limited warranty. The package has included the charger, additional battery, T-tool, USB-cable, a plug, the rear wheel kit, and user manual.


  • swappable wheels and battery
  • bigger wheels for smooth driving
  • energy-efficient motor

  • long battery charging

KooWheel Hover shoes

Except for the electric skateboards, the KooWheel offers another entertainment product and that are the hover shoes. KooWheel hover shoes have the newest dual footboard self-balancing technology. This item combines skateboards and automatic balancing electric scooters in one.

KooWheel Hover shoes

It has several functions so you can go backward or forward, and also there are turn and stop functions controlled with balanced movements on the footboards. The footboard is 8.85 inches long, 5.31 inches wide and 4.52 inches high.

Each of the footboards has approximately 7.27 pounds so it’s very easy to manage them and carry. Every unit has its own 250W powered brushless motor that runs the system. On each footboard is a pair of wheels that are 3.5” big in diameter, therefore they’re durable and will support the weight from 22 up to 286 pounds.

KooWheel Hover shoes review

Both kids and adults, no matter their weight, can use them. These motors run on rechargeable batteries. They are fully charged after approximately 2-3 hours. The battery range is about 6 miles.

The safety of the hover shoes is approved with the UL2252 certificate which means the product meets the national standards for electrical safety. Also, they have an IP65 certificate for waterproof design. If any part is damaged because of the factory malfunction or any situation such as ones described in the user manual, you can use the 1-year limited warranty.


  • lightweight with a high weight capacity
  • portable and suitable for airplane traveling

  • requie more time to get used to ride them
  • less motor power, speed, and battery range

KooWheel Electric Skateboard Parts And Accessories

When the KooWheel electric skateboard battery, charger, remote controller or motor is damaged, I recommend you to try to find a branded replacement part for them so you can ensure that the board is still safe and efficient while you’re driving it. For other parts such as deck, wheels or grip tape you can buy universal ones. The accessories for KooWheel skateboards can be grip tapes, additional wheels, and batteries, helmets, tools for assembly, etc. If you want to read and learn more, you can check out my post about universal parts and accessories for electric skateboards.

The Assemblage Of KooWheel Electric Skateboard

The KooWheel is delivering skateboards which are already pre-assembled in a factory, and as I mentioned, tested before the delivery to you. That means you can be sure that your skateboard will be safe and that it will work. But, you will have to do remote and board pair recognition, so you can control the board with your remote control. That is described in the user manual you will get in the package. There you can read about other parts and how to maintain it. If you want to check it out now or you’ve lost your user manual and you need it, read this online user manual for KooWheel electric skateboard.

Conclusion: What Is The Best KooWheel Electric Skateboard Model To Buy?

If you want a entertainment and improve your balance, you can buy yourself the hover shoes with revolutionary technology. But, if you want a KooWheel electric skateboard with high speed, long range and upgraded specs for a great price, the best choice, in my opinion, is the KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model. The bigger wheels give you better driving experience, while the efficient motor saves energy and prevents overheating. Also, the wireless remote control has the reverse mode button and the most practical features that will thrill you are an easily swappable battery and wheels.