Top 5 Adults Electric Skateboards For Commuting In 2021 Reviews

Do you want to buy a skateboard model ideal for going into the city traffic?

Here you can find all the important information that will help you in buying the best model according to your needs.

I will give a review on 5 best electric skateboards for adults and you can compare them and decide which you like the most. Also, you can read about general important things you should know before searching for electric skateboard. After the detailed description of the model’s technical specifications, design and other features I will conclude which is, in my opinion, the best.


Things To Know Before Buying Electric Skateboard For Adults

Wheels Quality And Size

Wheels are often made from polyurethane, or they can be made from rubber. The most important is that the material is durable, especially if the motor is integrated within the wheel. Size is also important since it determines the speed. If you want to go slower and do tricks buy smaller than 2.4”, while the bigger ones are ideal for long and fast trips.

Battery Capacity And Quality

If the battery has a higher capacity, you will be able to drive longer the skateboard without needing to recharge it again. Always buy branded battery suitable for the model you have since this protects the battery and skateboard from damages.

Weight And Portability

If you want to go with your board to the city and traffic, it’s important to have a portable model that is easily folded and carried. It’s desirable that you have a carrying bag for the skateboard. The ideal board for commuting shouldn’t be too long or heavy.


All electric skateboard has the wireless electric remote control that allows you to manage your board. The best models have great connectivity, and disruptions can happen very rarely. Just in case read more of customer reviews on models about this topic to be sure that brand makes remote controls with the high-quality connection.

Water Resistance

Because of the electric system, you will want your model to be resistant to water, especially if you’re planning to drive it in the city during rainy weather. Maybe you won’t drive it when it’s raining, but the bad weather can happen unexpectedly and if you’re not prepared your board can get damaged.

Materials For Durability And Flexibility

The deck can be made of variable wooden or other materials, and its durability determines the weight capacity the model can handle. In general, the whole construction should be made of higher-quality materials if you want for your board to last long.

Warranty And Costumer service

The brand you choose must have a warranty because if you want to drive the board to the city and traffic, the damages can happen. It’s also desirable that the brand has reliable and approachable customer service, in case some part of the electric system doesn’t work as it’s supposed to or if you have questions about maintaining and driving it.

The Best Electric Skateboard For Commuting Review

The Best Fast Model

Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard

This model has a maximum speed of 23 mph so it’s one of the faster models. The great user-friendly feature is its long battery range of up to 11 miles per one charge. The speed is supported with dual hub motors of 700W power.

Motors are powered with 36V lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and can be charged within 2.5 hours. The system is run with an ergonomic wireless remote control that’s easy to hold. With it, you can easily control the board and its accelerating and braking system.

Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard

The battery in the remote can last up to 7 days with one charge, which is high durability for one battery. Another great feature is the durability of the construction which is flexible at the same time.

Bord’s deck is made from 8 layers of maple wood and bamboo. The surface is covered with premium grip tape that prevents you from slipping off the board and you can have more control when driving it.

The layers are constructed from 6-ply maple wood placed between a layer of bamboo that covers both the top and bottom of the board’s deck. The bamboo adds to the flexibility of the board. Because of the firm design, it’s high weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard review

Therefore, it’s ideal both for adults and kids The wheels are also an important component that holds high weight. They are 3.5” big which means the size is perfect for fast driving on rough surfaces.

The motor is integrated within the wheels so there is no belts and transmissions under your skateboard which makes it look more attractive. Great user-friendly addition to the product is that it’s delivered assembled, so you don’t have to bother with the installation. Instead, drive it immediately after delivery.

The Best Portable Model

Boosted Electric Skateboard

This model has less long range battery of 6 to 7 miles, but it’s still long enough for this board to be suitable for commuting. The motor is enabling 22 mph of the maximum speed which is fast enough for smooth driving through the city.

Very efficient braking system allows longer battery life because it regenerates the energy from breaking into the battery. This is very user-friendly. The motors have 2000W of power which is very strong.

Boosted Skateboard 2nd Gen Dual Standard Range Model

Unlike the previous model, this one has a brushless DC motor belt drive system. The belt amplifies the motor’s torque so the wheels have faster acceleration and more control. So you can easily accelerate uphill or stop instantly.

It has 25% grade hill climbing capacity. The model weighs only 15 pounds which is ideal for commuting since it’s easy to carry. Its dimensions are also practical. The deck is 38” long, 11” wide and 5.8” high.

Boosted Skateboard 2nd Gen Dual Standard Range Model review

Wheels are made from polyurethane and they’re 3.2” big in diameter. The size is ideal for long and fast driving on any road. The composition of the deck is very innovative. The Super Flex composite deck is unique for this brand.

The deck is made from flexible poplar core that is layered in the high-density foam. These layers are between top and bottom components made from triaxial fiberglass. Altogether is coated with polymer sidewall for additional durability.

The Best Long Range Model

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

The deck of this model is made from 8 layers of maple wood which makes it durable and flexible. The sturdy construction and firm wheels make it firm enough to carry the weight of 280 pounds, so this model is ideal for adults.

Motor power is 500W, but it has two of them, so in total 1000 W., It’s supported with the battery that has a long range of 18.6 miles per charge, which is one of the longest ranges available on the market. The battery is easily rechargeable.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

The maximum speed it can reach is 25 mph which is also one of the fastest speeds on the market. That fast driving is supported with big enough wheels. Polyurethane made wheels are 3.5” big in diameter and won’t get damaged while driving on rough surfaces.

Acceleration, speed, turning, and braking are controlled with wireless remote control that’s included in the package. You can also check on the remote the battery capacity of both board’s and remote’s battery. And you can turn on the red taillight that is included.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard review

The model is equipped with 2 red taillights and that’s a great safety feature. They ensure safety when you’re driving in the dark streets. When you hold the brake they blink to warn any vehicles behind you. With this model, you can easily climb a 25-degree steep hill.

It’s 39” long, 9.5” wide and 5.3” high. It weighs 19.51 pounds. The quality of constructions and safety design are approved with EMC, FCC, LVD and ROHS certificates. Also, all parts have 6-month limited warranty. The repair centers are located in LA.

The Best High-Weight Capacity Model

Wowgo 2S Electric Skateboard

This model has improved battery so it maintains high speeds even if the battery is low. Also, the design is waterproof which is a great practical and user-friendly feature. The braking system is improved with the throttle wheel.

Wowgo 2S Electric Skateboard

When it’s pulled, the braking power is gradually accumulated. Therefore, you can get a complete stop in a much shorter time than with other models. Because of high motor power, you can easily climb a 25-degree up to 30-degree steep hill.

The motor ensures speeds up to 23 mph. Because of the strong and solid construction, this skateboard can carry high weight, up to 280 pounds. Therefore it’s good for both adults and kids.

Wowgo 2S Electric Skateboard review

The deck is made from premium-quality bamboo that gives the design additional flexibility for a smoother ride and the Canadian maple wood for sturdiness. Also, it has additional soft busing for better shockproof effect. The features of the board are adjusted with the wireless remote control.

The remote control allows you to accelerate and break easily. Also, it has 4 battery life LED light indicator that’s showed on the LCD screen. The screen also displays the current speed and speed modes. The package includes a 3-month limited warranty for the manufacturer.

The Best Cheap Model

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

This model has all great features and compact design for the lowest price. The motor has 125W of power which is the lowest according to other models, and the speed is up to 10mph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

Speed and battery capacity aren’t so advanced like the ones of previous models, but these are great specifications for the value of the board.

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

The deck is 29.7” long, 10.6” wide and 5.7” high.  It’s made from 5-ply maple wood that makes it durable and firm so the weight capacity is up to 220 pounds. The board weighs only 10.5 pounds so it’s very easy to carry.

Another great user-friendly feature is that no assembly is required. Because of the weight capacity and dimensions, it can be used by kids older than 9 years and adults. The perforated grip tape prevents slipping and keeps the rider safer and more stable when riding.

The speed and power are supported with the 22V lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable. Besides the batteries, you will get a suitable battery charger so you don’t have to buy it separately.

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard review

Wheels are made from 80a polyurethane and they’re 3.1” big in diameter, which makes them suitable for long driving on rough surfaces. There are custom reverse kingpin trucks that other models didn’t have, and it ensures increased turning and stability.

The motor is integrated within the wheels so there is no belts, alignment or chain which makes the design better-looking. The speed, turning and other features are adjusted with the 2.4GHz wireless remote control that has a replaceable wrist rap for easier holding.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Electric Skateboard For Commuting?

In my opinion, the best electric skateboard for adults on this list is the Skatebolt electric skateboard. The most unique feature is the long battery range that exceeds other models on the list and makes it perfect for the commuting. I recommend this model because the sturdy construction of deck and wheels, high weight capacity, long range and high speed combined all together are ensuring the best skateboarding experience.