Best 5 Longest Range Electric Skateboard On The Market In 2021

Are you interested in buying the longest range electric skateboard?

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I will write about the range skateboard models have and which are the longest electric skateboard ranges. According to that, I will describe 5 models and tell you about their technical specifications, maximums speed, deck and wheels material, etc. After you read this article you can know more about which brands offer long range models and what is the price range for that type of model. In the end, I will conclude the best model among the 5 I’ve reviewed, but you can do the comparison and decide for yourself which one is the best.


Things To Know When Buying Longest Range Electric Skateboard

Wheels Material

When the model goes for long ranges, it has to be equipped with the right wheels that are made from sturdy material. This ensures that your drive will be smooth and comfortable. Bigger wheels are the best for long driving.

Deck Material And Weight Capacity

The deck is made from maple wood, bamboo layers, fiberglass or other durable but flexible materials that will allow you more control when you’re driving. The sturdy construction enables high weight capacity which is important if you’re buying boards for adults.

High Battery Capacity

The long range couldn’t be possible without higher battery capacity. The battery is one of the main parts that the board has so it should be high-quality made, safe and long-lasting. Most of them are rechargeable and quickly charged, but you should always have a replacement part with you if emergency changing is needed.

Regenerative Braking And Speed

Life of the battery can be extended if the model has the regenerative braking system. When you brake, the energy is directed to the battery which lasts longer. This is important with higher speeds because the speed and the terrain type also determine the length of the battery power.

Warranty And Return Policy

Every brand that offers a limited warranty on their product is more desirable that the ones that don’t give any warranty. Also, it’s important that there is a return policy which allows you to return the product within a few days from purchase if you’re not satisfied.

The Longest Range Electric Skateboard 2019 Reviews

Best High-End Model

Evolve Carbon GT Series Model

This high-end model is a 2-in-1 type and has the terrain and street version. The electric skateboard range of the street version is up to 31 miles, while the terrain version has the maximum range of 18.5 miles.

Evolve Carbon GT Series

Also, the maximum speed is different depending on the model version. So the terrain version has the maximum speed of 22-25 mph while the street version has the maximum speed in the range from 22 mph up to 26 mph.

The great thing about this model, except its long range, is that you can easily climb the 25-degree hill, so you can take it on any terrain. You can drive it on both flat surfaces such as concrete or uneven dirt surfaces.

Evolve Carbon GT Series review

Its wheels are durable and 3.3” big in diameter so they’re great in supporting high speeds. Speed is supported with the 3000W twin brushless motors. The motor is run with the lithium-ion battery. There is 4-speed modes: GT, FAST, ECO and SLOW.

You can adjust them with the remote control that allows you to adjust acceleration and brakes. The LCD display shows data about speed, distance and board specifications. There is a safety switch and the ergonomic design of the remote makes it very comfortable to hold.

Best Cheap Model

Boosted Model

The range skateboard has its much smaller than the previous model, but this one is also cheaper. Maximum range is 14 miles per charge of the battery. This is still long enough to have a great skateboard ride.

Boosted Board Stealth Model

The board can drive at a maximum speed of 24 mph. This acceleration is supported with durable wheels made from 80a polyurethane. They are 3.3” big in diameter so they can endure high speed at long ranges.

There are 5 race modes that include the newest Hyper mode. Except that, this model has a unique Super Flex composite deck that ensures more responsive driving and great control over the board when riding.

Boosted Board Stealth Model review

The deck is made with the flexible poplar core that is combined with high-density foam. Top and bottom layers are made from triaxial fiberglass which is additionally coated with polymer sidewall that makes the board even more durable.

A very unique feature is the 7.4” big trucks that are added for increased strength of the board. They are made with CNC precision. The manufacturer offers 12-month limited warranty and 30-days return policy from the day of the purchase.

The Best Portable Model

Yiiboard Model

The front wheels of this model are designed with the small turning radius, therefore they are more stable. If you’re not an advanced driver this model has a beginner mode which is very user-friendly.

When in beginner mode the board can reach a maximum speed of 6.2 mph. In the normal mode, the maximum speed is 12.4 mph, and the range reaches over 18.6 miles per one charge which makes it ideal for longer trips. The speed is supported with a strong lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Yiiboard Model

The 15% grade hill climbing ability makes this model suitable for rougher terrain. The braking system is regenerative, which means when you hit the brakes, the energy from the braking system goes to the battery that then lasts long.

The additional great safety feature is the LED lights that make you visible in traffic and light the way when you’re in the dark street. The skateboard’s features are controlled with the remote control.

The acceleration, braking, going reverse and change of speed modes are controlled with the remote. It has the premium Panasonic battery that makes it safe and durable. There are also LED indicators of the battery life of both the board and remote.

Yiiboard Model review

Unlike the previous model, the remote doesn’t display the data on speed or boarding diagnostic, but it’s the price isn’t high-end and for the approachable value, you can get great features and high-quality electric skateboard.

The design is lightweight and highly portable. There is the built-in handle in the deck so you can hold it in your hand. The smaller dimensions make it convenient to carry. It’s 33.7” long, 8.4” wide and 5.9” high.

Best High Weight Capacity Model

TacoSanchez Elite Model

This model has a maximum speed of 27 mph so you can really go fast and on longer trips. It’s suitable for all skateboarders because it has two modes: beginner and fast settings. You can change them with the included wireless remote control.

TacoSanchez Elite Model

The remote lets you change the speed, stop, turn on and off the board, change the direction and other. You can set up the cruise settings and track the battery life of bord and the remote. When at the highest speed this board can claim even 25-degree steep hill so you can be sure you can ride it anywhere.

It’s 38.9” long, 9” wide and 5.9” high. It weighs 16 pounds. Although it has smaller dimensions, the durable construction makes it suitable for holding high weight. The weight capacity is up to 325 pounds which is one of the highest loading capacities on the market.

TacoSanchez Elite Model review

Smaller dimensions and weight makes it ideal for commuting, transport and carrying it everywhere with you. The deck is made from hand-cut 8-ply Canadian maple wood which makes it durable and flexible at the same time.

The battery that supports the electric system is the Samsung 4.3AH 42V battery. It’s rechargeable and fully charged after 3 hours. The suitable charger is included in the package. Also, you will get the T-tool and USB cable for the remote. The battery runs two 1000W belt drive motors that give this skateboard a total power of 2000 W which is very high.

Best Fast Lightweight Model

GoRide Tech Model

This is a model that offers one of the best features for a great price. It’s not the lowest price in general, but it’s a very good offer since this model has one of the longest ranges of 20 miles and it can go up to 20 mph.

There are three modes for beginners, intermediate and advanced mode. Therefore you can set it up according to your needs, and if you’re a beginner you can progress slowly on your board up to the more professional level.

GoRide Tech Model

The board has premium brushed PU wheels that are 3.54” big in diameter. These are one of the biggest wheels that are ensuring long smooth driving at high speeds. You can be sure you won’t feel the bumps on the road when driving this model.

It’s important that wheels are made from sturdy material because they have the hub motor integrated into it, so they protect it from strong hits when driving. Because of the high motor strength and regenerative braking you can ride up to 20% hill grades.

GoRide Tech Model review

The regenerative braking system makes the battery last even longer. The battery is rechargeable and can get fully charged after 2 hours. The unique feature of this brand is fast swappable batteries so if you have the replacement batteries you can easily replace them when driving.

Speed, braking, direction and speed modes are set with the wireless remote control. The board weighs only 2.14 pounds so it is highly portable. The small dimensions make it easy to carry anywhere with you. It’s 24” long, 7.5” wide and 5.5” high.

Conclusion: What’s the best long range electric skateboard?

In my opinion, the best model with long electric skateboard range is the GoRide Tech because it has high-quality features and specifications for the really approachable price. The long range of 20 miles and 20 mph maximum speed allow you to go on fast and long trips while having premium PU wheels that allow comfortable ride. Also, it’s extremely lightweight so it’s very easy to carry it everywhere you go.