Best 5 DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit For Sale In 2021

Do you want to know how to make an electric skateboard?

And you want to learn more about the electric skateboard kit available on the market?

Then read this article where you’ll learn everything about DIY electric skateboard!

You can read how to make a cheap electric skateboard at home using an electric skateboard motor kit. To build your electric skateboard, you have to know instructions and the budget needed. When you build an electric skateboard, you can also make your remote control, battery pack and else. Read my review about 5 DIY electric skateboard kit on the market and decide which suits you the best.


Advantages Of Making Your Own Electric Skateboard

Unlike the models on the market, the ones that you made have unique motor power, battery strength, speed, and range. Therefore you can make the best DIY electric skateboard for yourself with the highest speed and the longest range if you know how to pick the right skateboard motor kit and parts in it.

How To Build An Electric Skateboard?

To build an electric skateboard, you’ll need a standard skateboard or longboard that will be the base of your creation. The main step is the motorization of the board, which is done with the DIY electric skateboard conversion kit. When you build an electric skateboard, you can choose if you want in the wheel or bel motor, so you must buy DIY electric skateboard hub motor kit or belt motor kit.

What Do You Need To Make A Electric Skateboard?

To make homemade electric skateboard you’ll need the right electric skateboard motor kit that fits the measurements of the board you have. The kit should have all parts needed: motor, belts, pulleys for attaching the kit on the skateboard, motor mount, etc.

How To Apply A DIY Electric Skateboard Kit?

Every electric skateboard kit comes with the instructions that will help you step by step to install the motorized parts on your normal board. If the instructions aren’t enough, you can watch video tutorials for assistance. For driver safety is very important that the kits are properly attached.

How Many Costs To Make Your Own Electric Skateboard?

When you make any skateboard electric model, you will have to spend money on the kit and the normal board. Because of the cheap electric skateboard kit, DIY electric skateboard cost is low. In comparison to another electric skateboard offer, the cheap DIY electric skateboard kit is very affordable. They’re offered in the price range from $20 up to $100.

Things To Know Before Buying Electric Skateboard Kit

What To Look For In A Electric Skateboard Kit For Sale?

When searching for the best DIY electric skateboard kit with the motor, the first thing you should look for is the motor power, torque, and voltage. Other important things are battery power and strength, water resistance, weight capacity, etc. The size of wheels included also determines the speed since larger wheels increase speed and decrease torque.

Types Of Motorised Skateboard Kit

There are several types of electric skateboard conversion kits. The off-road electric skateboard kit will contain bigger tires with the motor, while dual-motor electric skateboard kit or single electric skateboard motor kit differ by type of motor. If wanting for in-wheel motor, buy the electric skateboard hub brushless motor kit. In case you want the belt motor, go for the dual belt electric skateboard kit.

Electric Skateboard Motor Mount Kit

The main thing you can’t be without when attaching the parts from the kit to the bord is the skateboard motor mount kit. The motor mount should be a part of every skateboard motor kit since it’s needed for climbing the motor on the board.

DIY Electric Skateboard Battery Pack

When making a DIY motorized skateboard, you must choose the right battery pack. If you want a high-powered custom electric skateboard with very high speeds, you will need the battery with a higher voltage that’s durable enough to run the high-powered motor. Also, the battery pack should last long enough to allow you long trips with the board.

DIY Electric Skateboard Instructables

Every kit should have its instructions on how to make an electric skateboard. You should follow that instruction and avoid changing the steps or the parts from the kit with other ones. The instructions are made specifically for the included parts. To ensure safety driving, attach the parts to the board exactly as it’s described.

The Best Electric Skateboard Kit Review

The Best For Electric Skateboards With 3.15″ Big Wheels

XCSource Electric Skateboard Motor Kit

If you buy an electric skateboard motor kit from this brand, you’ll get everything needed to make a DIY electric skateboard. The package includes pulley for motor and wheel, one bracket and belt, three screwdrivers, six bolts and pads, and 16 screws.

XCSource Electric Skateboard Motor Kit

Therefore you have all the tools needed to attach the parts to the regular board. Additionally, you’ll get the user manual where you can find detailed instructions on how to make an electric skateboard. The belt is black and made from rubber. It’s 8.86” long and 0.59” wide.

Black bracket is 4.41” long, 2.2” wide and 0.35” high. It has 0.71” round hole diameter. Pulley for the motor is made from the surface oxidation and stainless steel which makes it anti-rusting, durable and long-lasting.

XCSource Electric Skateboard Motor Kit review

Its gear has 16 teeth. The width is 0.71” and the height is 0.75”. The bore is 0.3” big. Pulley for the wheel is also made from surface oxidation and stainless steel. Its gear has 48 teeth. It’s 2.05” wide and 0.79” high. The bore size is 0.87”.

The kit is made for an electric skateboard with 3.15” wide wheels with buffer and shock absorption capacity. The kit includes parts with durable material that are easy to maintain at low cost.

The Best Electric Skateboard Brushless Motor Kit

Hobbysky Skateboard Engine Kit

This package includes one 6374 brushless motors and four M4x8mm metric bolts. This is a great kit if you want to convert your normal board in the electric skateboard with the brushless motor.

The motor has 170KV (rpm/V). If you want a bigger size, the brand offers the kit with the motor of 190KV. The motor size is Φ63.0×70.0. The power of the motor is 3600W so it’s ideal for making a very fast electric skateboard.

Hobbysky Skateboard Engine Kit

The motor weighs 1.75 pounds so it’s very lightweight. Therefore it won’t add much of the weight to your normal board. The lightweight design will ensure smooth and easy control of the board during high speed.

The shaft is 0.31” wide and 0.39” high. The install holes are 0.03” wide in diameter. The motor wire is 11.81” long and it has 0.16” wide gold bullet male connector. You’ll also get the standard RC sensor wire JST-PH 5 pin 0.08” pitch.

For the installation of the motor on the board use the M4x8mm metric bolts. The rated voltage of the motor is 24V-36V, while the rated current is 80A. The maximum current is 120A and the maximum torque is 3.57N.m. The input volt is 2-12S lipo cell N.

Hobbysky Skateboard Engine Kit review

The low KV and high torque allow the motor to get more mechanical energy per unit of power, which makes it more efficient. A great feature is that the motor has closed cover that makes it waterproof and dustproof.

Therefore it won’t get damaged if the water or dust break inside, during the ride. Also, it features two rows of concentric mounting holes that allow very easy and quick motor installation on the board.

The Best For Electric SKateboard With The DC Motor

L-Faster Electric Skateboard Motor Kit

This DIY electric skateboard kit includes one motor, one controller and one accelerator. The motor has the power of 350W. It won’t be able to allow high speeds like the motor from the previous kit I’ve reviewed.

L-Faster Electric Skateboard Motor Kit

The battery isn’t included, so you’ll have to buy it separately. Since this kit has the motor rated voltage of 24V/36V, you’ll have to get two or three 12V batteries. You can buy both lead-acid or lithium-ion.

I’ll recommend lithium-ion because of better quality and longevity. Also, you can buy only one 24V736V battery. The rated current of this motor is 14A/12.5A, while no loading current is 1.9A/1.4a.

L-Faster Electric Skateboard Motor Kit review

The rated speed of this motor is 2750 rpm, while the motor sprocket is 11T 25H. The motor weighs 4.96 pounds, which is heavier than the previous motor. However, this motor doesn’t allow very high speeds so the board doesn’t have to be very lightweight.

Instructions for installation are included in the package. You should read them and follow step by step the installation. The motor mount and other needed tools aren’t included so you’ll have to buy them separately.

The Best Additional Kit For Installation Of Motor

Ginode Skateboard Motor Kit

This electric skateboard kit doesn’t include the motor. So, this is an ideal offer if you have the motor and board, but don’t have the tools and other parts for the installation. Before buying it, check if the tools and size of the parts will fit for your board and motor.

Ginode Skateboard Motor Kit

The package includes one big and small synchronous pulley, one fixing plate, one synchronous belt, six bolts, and five screws. This parts will ensure smooth transmission with a buffer, shock absorption capacity and low noise. They’re easy to maintain, without lubrication and at low maintenance costs.

Ginode Skateboard Motor Kit review

Brucket structure design can be adjusted. The motor mount and battery aren’t included, so you have to buy them separately. The kit is ideal for the electric skateboard with wheels that are 3.27”, 3.54” or 3.82” wide in diameter.

The Best For Electric Skateboards With Flywheel Wheels

DIYE Electric Skateboard Kit

It’s ideal for making electric skateboards with flywheel wheels that are 3.27”, 3.54”, 3.82” or 3.94” wide in diameter. Since it’s ideal for the model with bigger wheels that are suitable for fast driving, it can be used for high-powered motors.

DIYE Electric Skateboard Kit

This electric skateboard motor kit for sale includes one pulley, six bolts, one belt, and special locking washer, and one motor pulley bore and retainer. The pulley has 36 teeth, while the motor pulley bore has 16 teeth. The big tooth is suitable for high torque motors. The pitch is 0.2” big.

DIYE Electric Skateboard Kit review

The bore is 0.315” wide so make sure it fits your motor shaft. The 265-5m belt is 0.47” long and it’s suitable for caliber trucks. The motor pulley is made from stainless steel which makes it rust-resistant and long-lasting. The drive pulley is made from aluminum.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Electric Skateboard Kit?

In my opinion, the best DIY electric skateboard kit is the XCSource cheap electric skateboard kit. It’s ideal to build your electric skateboard because it includes all you need: motor, pulley, bolts and other. You’ll only have to buy the battery for your custom electric skateboard. It also includes instruction that explains how to build an electric skateboard. With the high-powered motor from this kit, you’ll be able to build electric skateboard with both high speed and range.