Best 5 Mini-Small Electric Skateboards (Penny Board) Reviews

Are you interested in buying small electric skateboard?

And you would like to know more about available electric penny board models on the market?

Then you should read this article. I will describe 5 best mini electric skateboard models within each category. You can read about their technical specifications, design and other features and compare them. Therefore you can easily decide which one is best for you. I will also give you my opinion about the best model on the list.


Things To Know Before Buying Small Electric Skateboard

Lightweight Design

When buying a mini electric skateboard, choose the models that have a very low weight. Mini boards are easy to store, and ones with the low weight you can easily carry it anywhere you go. Also, it’s easier to manage it when riding at higher speeds.

High Maximum Weight Capacity

It’s a great user-friendly feature if the electric mini skateboard has a high weight capacity. In that way, any adult can easily ride it. Also, these models have a high-quality and firm deck that can support high weights.

Material Of The Deck

Materials should make the small motorized skateboard both durable, firm and flexible. In that way, you can have the best riding experience. It’s great if the deck is made from a combination of firm maple wood and flexible bamboo wooden layers.

Battery Range And Charging Speed

The best mini electric skateboard models have both high speed and long battery range. The range is one of the most important features because it limits the length of trips you want to take. It’s desirable that you can take long trips and that the battery is charged within 30 minutes or 1 hour.

The Size Of The Wheels

If you want to take long and fast rides, the electric mini skateboard should have wheels that are bigger than 2.5”. The smaller wheels are suitable for making tricks with the board. They should be made from high-quality materials, especially if the model features the hub-motor.

The Best Small Electric Skateboard 2019 Review

The Best High Maximum Weight Capacity Electric Small Skateboard

Urban-Portable Mini Electric Skateboard

This model is 17” long and it weighs only 7 pounds. It’s lightweight and short, but the very unique feature that makes it even better is the very high maximum weight capacity. It can support weight up to 250 pounds.

Therefore, any adult can ride it which is very practical. This is ensured by very strong and high-quality made deck. This Urban mini electric skateboard is made from the Canadian maple wood which is very durable.

Urban Electric Skateboard

Other great supporters of high weight capacity are very strong wheels. The wheels are made from very firm polyurethane and therefore shock absorbing. So when you’re traveling on the rough roads you will be comfortable on this board.

The battery has up 10 miles of range. So you can travel very long with this board. The motor has a power of 150W. It’s hidden in the wheels, which adds to the good looking design of the board and its lightweight design.

Its maximum speed is 12 mph. The whole mechanism is supported with the 52.8 WH lithium-ion battery which has a very fast charging time of 1 hour. This is a great user-friendly feature because you can recharge the battery fast and continue with the ride.

All the features are controlled with the included wireless remote controller. It has buttons for switching between 3-speed modes, braking, accelerating, changing the direction and button for pairing recognition.

It has a lightweight and ergonomic design so it’s easy to hold it in the hand. Assemblage isn’t complicated, the most important part is the pairing recognition between the remote and the board. All instructions are described in the user manual.

It’s FAA approved so you can travel with it. All parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. You’ll also get the 100-day guarantee and in that period you can return the product if you aren’t satisfied with it.

The Best Waterproof Small Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Electric Skateboard

This model is 27.62” long, 9.37” wide and 5.83” high. It weighs 8.16 pounds. The dimensions and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, pack or store somewhere in the house. The unique feature of this model is its waterproof design.

Other models aren’t approved with the IP65 waterproof design, so their parts could get damaged during the rainy weather. The deck of this models is made from the option-hydrographic transfer printing and carbon fiber material.

Because of its waterproof design, this is the best electric penny board for driving under any weather conditions. It has a durable and flexible design at the same time. Its weight capacity is 132 pounds, which is less than the previous model.

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max C

However, it’s still suitable for most teenagers and adults. The motor power is 500W which is much higher in comparison to the previous model. The maximum speed of this electric penny board is the 14 mph.

The battery has 8 miles of range, so it’s not suitable for very long trips. However the rechargeable battery is fully charged within one hour, so you can quickly move on if the battery is emptied.

This electric penny board for sale has a 2.2AH 36V lithium-ion battery that supports high speed and strong motor. The regenerative braking system generates energy from the brakes to the battery which extends the battery life.

The hub motor is placed within the wheels which are strong and made from polyurethane.Wheels are 2.76” wide in diameter so they are suitable for rides at high speeds and on rough surfaces.

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max C review

The included wireless remote controller is made from high-density ABS material. It’s ergonomic and lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold.It has a 450 mah battery that is quickly charged within half an hour.

Besides the remote, theelectric penny board kit includes the user manual with the instruction for the assemblage and pairing recognition.System of this electric penny board for sale has 2 riding modes which you can easily switch with the wireless remote controller.

Also, you have an auto cruiser mode which is a great additional user-friendly feature. Beside waterproof certificate, it includes CE, FCC, ROHS, MSDS and UN38.3 certificates which approve its safety and quality.

The Best Small Fast Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Model

This model is the fastest one on the list, so if the speed is most important to you, this is the right board for you to buy. It has a strong motor of 1000W which is high-power that supports maximum speeds of 20mph. You can control the speed with 3 different speed modes.

Like the previous model, it features a regenerative braking system. The energy created during braking goes to the battery. It saves a lot of power from the board, and you can drive it longer. The extended battery has 14 miles of range.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model

Therefore you can drive long trips with this Boosted mini electric skateboard. The battery is fully charged after 1 hour and 45 minutes, which is longer in comparison to previous models. But, this is compensated with very long battery range.

The motor is placed within the wheels which are strong and made from polyurethane. They’re one of the bigger in comparison to other wheels. That’s great because this 3.15” wide wheels will ensure comfortable ride at high speeds and rough surfaces.

The wireless remote controller is included. You can switch between the 3-speed modes, brake, accelerate, change direction, etc. The strong motor ensures that you can climb on very steep hills up to 20% degree which is very practical.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model review

Board is 29.5” long, 11” wide and 5.7” high. Its dimensions are small and practical. However, it weighs around 16.8 pounds so it’s not so lightweight like previous models. Its the deck is strong because of the custom-designed Deep Dish composite deck.

The deck is made around a very strong and lightweight poplar core. The whole construction is coated with the layer of fiberglass which ensures that the durable and firm deck is flexible enough so the board can be perfectly managed at high speeds.

The Best Long-Range Short Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Spectra Mini Electric Skateboard

This model has an advanced performance so the battery has 12.4 miles of long-range per one charge, so you can drive it long before the battery is emptied. Once emptied, you can recharge it within 2 hours.

Another unique feature of this model is the AI riding system. It’s a first e-board whit integrated 3D posture control. It’s made from the pressure sensors that are integrated into the construction.

Because they are part of the AI system, they learn and adapt to the body movements and ensure effortless riding experience. Additionally, differential speed in two hub motors lets you turn very easily.

swagtron Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard

The hub motors have are very strong and driven by the intelligent battery system. It monitors each power cell and ensures even power distribution. Also, the energy from braking or going down the road is generated into the battery.

Therefore, the battery has an extended range for longer trips. The battery supports the maximum speed of 15.5 mph. Speed can be changed between 3 different modes. You can adjust it with an included wireless remote controller.

It lets you control accelerating, braking and direction. When the product is delivered, you need to pair it with the remote controller. The high-powered system lets you drive the hills up to 15-degree steep.

swagtron Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard review

The deck is made from carbon fiber that makes it very strong and lightweight at the same time. It can support weight up to 187 pounds, while the construction of the board weighs around 12.5 pounds.

The board is 19.4” long, 11.1” wide and 5.3” high. It’s easy to store or carry. A great unique feature is that you can monitor and control the system with the mobile App. It’s suitable for both Android and iOS.

You can adjust the speed, lock the system, share photos and more. Another great feature is included in advanced LED indicators that can be used both as taillights and battery indicators. They change color from teal to orange to red as the battery level reduces.

The Best Lightweight Electric Mini Skateboard

AZBO Mini Electric Skateboard With Remote Control

This is a great model that is very portable and lightweight. It weighs only 7 pounds, but because of the very firm construction, it has a high maximum weight capacity of 243 pounds. This is ensured because of the 7 layers of maple wood that are very strong.

The grip-tape is waterproof and non-slippery so this model is very safe to ride. You’ll be comfortable riding it at high speed and rough surfaces because of the wheels made from strong polyurethane. The wheels are 2.8” wide in diameter and the gravity cast trucks are 9” long.

AZBO Mini Electric Skateboard With Remote Control

These ensure great ride even on very rough surfaces. The hub motor is 400W strong and it’s supported with the 24V 2.2AH lithium-ion FE battery. It’s quickly charged within 1.5 hours. The strong motor and battery support speed up to 11mph.

All the features are controlled with the wireless remote controller. It has its battery that’s also charged very fast. The remote is very comfortable to hold and it lets you adjust the speed, brake and change the direction.

AZBO Mini Electric Skateboard With Remote Control review

All parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. It’s UL2272 certified. In the package you’ll get the USB cable, adapter, charging cable and the T-shape tool which you can use for tightening or losing the trucks and wheels.

Because of the strong motor, you can easily go up to 15-degree steep hill. It’s 17” long and 6.3” wide, therefore you can easily carry it, hold it in the backpack, store it in the home or park it somewhere in the city.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Mini Electric Skateboard?

In my opinion, the best electric penny board is the Swagtron model. It’s because of its many unique features. This small electric skateboard it’s the only e-board with the 3D posture control and AI riding system. Also, you can control it with both the remote controller and the mobile app which you can’t find with other models. Also, it has long battery range, intelligent battery system and relatively high speed and weight capacity. It’s a board that will ensure a perfect skateboarding experience.