Best 4 Off-Road & All Terrain Electric Skateboard For Sale 2021

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Here you can find out all about the electric off-road skateboard. Learn about best places to buy an electric all-terrain skateboard, their price range, general specifications of the motorized off-road skateboard and much more. I will give you a review of 4 best off-road electric skateboard for sale on the market. Read the review, compare models and decide which one is the best all-terrain electric skateboard for you.


What Is An Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

Firstly, you should know what is the main difference between mountain electric skateboard and normal electric skateboard. They have specially designed tires that are bigger than usual and have a rubber coating. Therefore they can support all kinds of uneven and rough terrain in nature. Also, the all-terrain powered skateboard will have a much higher power of the motor, therefore they are very fast. You should drive them carefully while wearing protecting gear such as helmet and kneepads. Also, they’re not recommended for young kids and teenagers.

Where To Buy Motorized Off-Road Skateboard?

You can buy the electric dirt board at local and specialized stores, or you can go to the official brand’s website. However, the best offer is found at online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. For example, on Amazon, you can find electric off-road skateboard for sale at a much cheaper price. You can easily compare models from different brands and do a cost comparison. Also, the costumers give their review on the product so you can be more objective while deciding which model to buy.

What’s The Price For Best Off Road Electric Skateboard?

According to other all-terrain electric skateboard reviews, they can be more expensive than normal electric skateboards. There are cheaper and expensive all-terrain electric board models. Their price will depend on the motor power, speed, battery strength, deck material, wheels, and others. The general price range is between $400 and $2000.

Off-Road Electric Skateboard DIY Kit

If you want to make your off-road electric skateboard, you’ll need the conversion kit and the normal skateboard. You can buy them at online retailers. It’s important that they contain all needed materials, tools and instructions so you can build the board will high-quality performance. The kit will contain off-road pneumatic tires with high-powered motor and battery. To ensure safe driving, follow instructions step by step so you can be sure installation is correct.

Things To Know Before Buying Electric Off-Road Skateboard

Type And Size Of Tires

The main part of electric all-terrain skateboard models are big enough tires. The off-road models should have pneumatic tires so you can have a safe and comfortable ride on rough terrain. They’re bigger for handling high speeds on rough surfaces and often made from rubber.

Quality Suspension System

When buying an off-road electric skateboard for sale, be sure that the model has a good suspension system on the wheels. This is very important if you want to have a shock-absorbing skateboard that will ensure a comfortable ride, without feeling any bumps on the road.

Durability Of The Deck

The all-terrain electric skateboard should have high weight capacity so any adult can ride it. Also, the deck should be made of very firm wood or carbon fiber so you can have a long-lasting skateboard that won’t break during the first ride.

Battery Range And Strength

Another very important feature of the electric off-road board is the battery strength and range. It’s important that you can go on long trips with it, and that the battery won’t be emptied very soon. Motorized off-road skateboard should have at least 10 miles of range.

Maximum Speed And Motor Power

Except for the range, it’s important that the dirt electric skateboard can go fast. High speed and strong acceleration will let you drive smoothly on uneven and rough terrain. Also, the off-road powered skateboard must have strong and high-powered motor to support fast driving.

The Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Review

The Best Long Range Electric Skateboard

Evolve Bamboo GTX All Terrain Series

This Evolve electric skateboard has 31 miles of range which is very long and ideal for off-road skateboarding. Therefore you can go on very long trips, without worrying the battery will get emptied.

It has dual brush out-runner motors of 3000W power. This power supports high speed so this model can drive up to 26 mph. The speed can be changed between different modes: GT, FAST, ECO, and SLOW.

The SLOW mode lets you drive up to the lower speed limit, while the FAST mode is enabling you to drive at the highest speed. ECO mode is used to drive continuously at a certain speed, while the GT mode is ideal to use when climbing the hill.

Evolve GTX Model

With this model, you can climb up to 25-degree steep hill. Because of the 7” wide all-terrain wheels, you can ride on any rough surfaces. The deck length is 38” long, while the board weighs 21.6 pounds.

It’s not very lightweight, but that’s because of the sturdy deck construction so your board won’t get damaged easily. The deck is made from 7 layers of Canadian maple hardwood and 2 bamboo layers.

The deck is vertically laminated with W concave and drop down style for low profile riding. The bamboo adds to the flexibility, so you can smoothly manage the board at high speeds. Maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Evolve GTX Model review

The high powered motor is run with the 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery.  The battery is charged within 5 hours with standard charger, but it can be charged within 2.5 hours with a fast charger that you can buy separately from the package.

The range of the battery is extended by regenerative braking. While braking, the energy is converted into the battery which then lasts longer. All features are managed with the wireless remote control with the magnetic triggers controls.

It ensures smooth acceleration and braking. On the display, you can see the current speed, distance, battery level and other. It also has a programmable safety switch. Use it to change between different speed modes. Ergonomic rubber design makes it comfortable to hold.

The Fastest Off-Road Powered Skateboard

SuperbProductions Model

According to other off-road electric skateboard reviews, this is one of the fastest off-road boards you can find on the market. Because it’s using dual 1650W brushless motors, it has a total power of 3300W.

Therefore with this board, you can drive up to 31 mph. It’s ideal for off-road skateboarding, but because of high speed, it’s recommended only for adults. It features 4 pneumatic tires that are 7.8” wide and 2” high.

SuperbProductions Model

They’re coated in the rubber which protects them from breaking and makes the ride even more comfortable. Because of the shock-absorbing system, you won’t feel any bumps on the outside uneven terrain.

You’ll get the wireless remote control which you can use to manage the speed, direction, braking, accelerating and other. The remote has speed control joystick, high and low-speed switch, reverse button and signal indicator.

The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable and easy to hold, and it won’t drop from your hand so easily. The remote battery is charged within 1.5 hours. The motor is run with the 11Ah lithium-ion built-in battery. It fully charges within 3 hours.

SuperbProductions Model review

The battery has 19 miles of range, which is long enough for going on the long trips. You can be sure that this board will last you longer because it’s made from 11 layers of Canadian maple wood. So, it’s very firm and won’t break easily when driving it on rough terrain.

Because of the deck construction, it’s not very lightweight. It weighs 37 pounds. However, it has a very high weight capacity so any adult can ride it. Maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds. It’s 42” long, 17” wide and 9” high. All parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty.

The Best High Weight Capacity Electric Off-Road Skateboard

MotoTec Model

It’s 47” long, 21” wide and 11” high. Because of the sturdy and firm construction, it weighs 77 pounds. Therefore it’s one of the heaviest models on the list. High weight is caused by 12 layers of hard maple wood. The sturdy deck design ensures high maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds.

Therefore any adult or kid can ride it. Unlike other models I’ve reviewed, this one has very big off-road electric skateboard wheels. They’re 10” wide in diameter and filled with air. They are mounted on specially designed trucks and have spring bushing belt drive.

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

Although heavy, this board has fast acceleration in 3.5 seconds. You can adjust the speed between fast and slow mode. The maximum speed is 22 mph, and it’s supported with dual brushless motors that have a total power of 1600W.

It’s lower power in comparison to other models on the list, but this makes it more suitable for both teenagers and adults. Each motor is in it’s on the rear wheel, which prevents turning of skateboard during strong acceleration.

The board is using a 36V 14Ah lithium-ion battery that can be charged within 3 to 5 hours. The battery has 10 miles of range which is the lowest in comparison to other models. However, it’s still enough for going on longer trips and you have up to 60-90 minutes of continuous driving.

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard review

All the features are controlled with the included wireless remote control.You can go forward, brake, accelerate, change speed and other. The remote has an ergonomic design and it’s comfortable to hold. It features LED indicators for battery level of the remote and skateboard.

Remote has a variable throttle that you can easily move and smoothly change the speed. The great user-friendly feature is the anti-lock braking system integrated into the skateboard that ensures you can stop safely.

The Best High-Quality Made Off Road Electric Skateboard For Sale

Evolve Bamboo GT All Terrain Series

The main difference between this Evolve top off-road electric skateboard and one I previously reviewed is the range. This battery has 21 miles of range, which is lower than the previous model.

However, the speed is the same. So you can drive this board with a maximum speed of 26 mph. The remote control with the magnetic trigger controls is included, and you can use it for switching the speed modes.

Evolve Bamboo GT Series

Like the previous model, there are 4-speed modes: GT, SLOW, FAST and ECO. Therefore you can easily adjust speed according to your needs. Because of these modes, this is one of the best electric mountain board models on the market.

You can change the speed smoothly, and strong motor lets you accelerate fast. This is important when driving on outside uneven dirt terrain in nature. The GT mode will allow you to climb up to 25-degree steep hills.

The dual brushless motor has 3000W of power, which supports high speed. The tires are rubber coated and 7” wide which makes them ideal for all-terrain driving. Big tires with suspension system will ensure the most comfortable ride.

Evolve Bamboo GT Series review

You won’t feel any bumps on the road. Also, the deck is made from firm maple wood in combination with the bamboo layers which makes the board more flexible. Therefore it won’t break easily and you can manage the board more easily at high speeds.

The great user-friendly feature is that the remote has an LCD screen so you can track your speed, distance, and battery level. Therefore you always know your board’s diagnostics and how much power it has left.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

In my opinion, the best electric off-road skateboard is the SuperbProductions model. It’s the fastest motorized off-road skateboard while having long enough battery range. Big pneumatic tires and sturdy deck makes it the best all-terrain electric skateboard. It has the strongest motor, and with the optional charger, this electric all-terrain skateboard can be charged fast. If you choose this off-road electric skateboard for sale, you’ll get a long-lasting product with high-quality performance ideal for outdoor skateboarding on uneven dirt terrain.