Fastest Electric Skateboards For Sale 2021 (Top Speed: 20+ mph)

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I will describe the 5 fastest electric skateboard models that are the best in their categories. You can easily compare them by reading their technical specifications and other unique features. Decide which one is the best for you. I will also give you my opinion about the best model among the others I will review.


Things To Know Before Buying The Fastest Electric Skateboard In The World

How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go?

Skateboard top speed is approximately 35 mph. Electric skateboard 20 mph models are average fast models. If you want really fast models, buy 25 mph or 30 mph, electric skateboard models. The electric skateboard top speed depends on the power and strength of the motor and battery.

Fastest Electric Skateboard Motor

The motor will determine how fast the street electric skateboard will go. The fastest electric skateboard kit should include the motor that has at least 1000W in power. The system can have two motors with around 400W which is also very strong. The strongest board can have motor power of 3000W.

Construction Of The Deck

For managing high speeds easily, the deck must be constructed with durable and flexible materials. The best choice is carbon fiber material that ensures very high flexibility. Another material is the flexible bamboo that often coats very strong maple wood.

The Size And Materials Of Wheels

The fastest electric board must have big enough wheels that will support rides at high speed. The wheels must be wider than 2.5” in diameter. The material should be polyurethane or rubber tires. These will ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain at any speed, especially if they have shock absorbers.

Long Range Is Also Important

Even if you buy the fastest board, it won’t be any good if you can’t ride it for a longer time at a single battery charge. Especially if you’re planning to go on long trips. You can choose from models that have 8 miles of the range up to boards with 30 miles of range.

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The Best Heavy-Duty Fastest Electric Board

S2 Tornado Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

This skateboard top speed is 25 mph, so you can go fast with it. Another great user-friendly feature is that you can also drive very long per single charge of the battery. It has 18.6 miles of range which is one of the highest on the market.

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, and the charger for the battery is included in the package. You’ll also get the user manual where you can read about the assemblage, pairing recognition between the remote and board and other instructions.

Speed is supported with the dual hub-motors that have the power of 500W, therefore the board has in total 1000W of power. Besides the great motor power, it has very firm construction on the deck.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

It can hold up to 280 pounds of rider weight, so it can be driven by an adult or teenagers. The deck is made from 8 layers of northeast maple wood which adds to the very firm construction.

It’s 38.9” long, 9.4” wide and 5.5” high. It weighs around 19.5 pounds, so it’s not very lightweight. However, it’s still not too heavy for carrying it around. Beside very heavy-duty construction, it has big wheels made from polyurethane.

These strong wheels are 3.5” wide in diameter which is big enough to support driving at very high speed on a rough surface. They also protect hub motors from damages that could happen during the ride.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard review

Because of high powered motors, this model will let you climb hills up to 25-degree steep. The additional user-friendly feature is 2 red warning taillights that help you drive when it’s dark. Also, you can warn vehicles behind you when you’re braking or turning from the street.

The wireless remote controller is included in the package. It has the finger ring that helps you hold it comfortably and securely. Use it to change the speed mode, turn on the taillights, to brake or accelerate or to check the battery level.

The model is approved with EMC, FCC, LVD and ROHS certificate which ensures its quality. All parts are covered with a 6-month limited warranty which you can use in situations as described in the user manual.

The Longest Battery Range Electric Skateboard

Evolve Carbon GT Series Street Version

Although it’s the most expensive one, this is the world’s fastest electric skateboard. Besides these great features, it also has the longest battery range. There is an all-terrain version which has less power and shorter range.

This street version has a maximum speed of 31 mph. The battery has 31 miles of range which is one of the longest ones offered on the market. This board is perfect if you want to go to the city traffic and drive long trips to school or work.

You can go very fast, and the whole system is technically advanced. Therefore it’s not recommended for the beginners in the electric skateboarding or children younger than 12 years.

Evolve Carbon GT Series review

These high speeds can be managed with the included wireless remote controller. A unique feature is the magnetic trigger controls that ensure a very smooth change of speed and braking. With the remote, you can switch between four-speed modes: slow, eco, fast and GT mode.

The slow mode will keep you at lower speeds while driving, while the eco mode is perfect if you want to maintain continuously a medium speed. With the fast mode, you can accelerate up to the maximum speed.

GT mode ensures very strong acceleration that helps you easily climb up to 25-degree steep hills. Therefore you don’t have to drive on flat surfaces only. This street version is the most suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, tarmac, etc.

Evolve Carbon GT Series

The all-terrain version will be even better if you’re planning to drive on uneven and dirty surfaces.  Wheels of this bord are supporting very high speeds and they’re protecting very strong dual brushless motors that have the power of 3000W.

However, they’re 3.3” wide in diameter and therefore slightly smaller in comparison to the previous model. Included remote controller has the LCD which shows you the current speed, distance and battery level.

You can easily brake with it, accelerate or change speeds. It has a programmable safety switch. It’s very practical because of the ergonomic design and rubber coating that makes it comfortable and easy to hold.

The Best Lightweight Fastest Motorized Skateboard

Teamgee Model

This isn’t only the fastest electric skateboard for sale, but it’s also the thinnest electric skateboard on the market. Because of the deck construction, it weighs only 14.6 pounds, therefore it’s the lightest board on this list.

Because of the dimensions and weight, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. The main unique feature of this board is its thin deck. It’s 0.47” thin and up to 0.8” lower to the ground than most of the other boards.

That feature makes the riding experience more stable, and what’s most important the control of the board at very high speed is much easier. The deck has concaved shape so the turning is effortless, and the soft bushing ensures making of very stable sharp turns.

Teamgee Model

The construction of the deck is made from 10 layers of the Canadian maple wood which makes it very durable, while one layer of fiberglass material makes it flexible at the same time.

So managing high speeds becomes much easier with this firm and lightweight board structure. Although lightweight, it supports the high weight of the rider. Its maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.

It has two brushless motors with the 380W power each. They aren’t one of the strongest motors, but the electric skateboard top speed is 22 mph. You can accelerate on 25% steep climbing hills. The range of 11 miles supports medium-long trips.

Teamgee Model review

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and the charger is included in the package. The battery is fully charged after 2 hours. When going downhill, the battery is charging which is a great technically advanced feature.

Speed, direction, and braking are controlled with the included wireless remote controller. It has the LCD that shows battery level, current speed, and distance. The wheels are 3.5” wide in diameter, and great in supporting fast rides on rough surfaces.

The whole construction of the board is approved with the UL certificate E503354. The parts of the skateboard are covered with a 1-year limited warranty that can be used in situations described in the user manual.

The Best High Weight Capacity Electric Skateboard

Koowheel D3M-1 Model

If you need a fast electric skateboard that also has very high maximum weight capacity, this model is right for you. The top weight capacity is 286 pounds, therefore any adult or teenager can drive it.

This electric skateboard speed can reach 24.8 mph so it’s very fast. Besides that its battery has 15 miles of range. Therefore, it’s ideal for long trips. The system has dual motors with 350W of power each. Because of the high speed, you can climb up to 25-degree steep hills.

KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model

Motors are supported with the 36V 5.5 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable. The charger is included in the package. The battery can be fully charged within 3 hours. However, this model features fast switching of the batteries.

You’ll get the additional spare battery pack that weighs only 3.5 pounds. Take it with you, and when you run out of the battery, switch it with the spare set and use it while the first one is charging.

The board has two modes: advanced and normal. In normal mode, the top seep is 18 mph. You need to click the remote button quickly for 5 times to unlock the speed limit and switch to the advanced mode.

KooWheel 2nd Generation D3M-1 Model review

The wireless remote controller is included and you can change speed, brake, accelerate and change the direction with it. The deck of this model is made from 7 layers of the Canadian maple wood that provides durability and flexibility.

Board is made without splicing. The CNC trimming and grinding process are used for making this board which makes it very firm and long-lasting. Wheels are made from strong polyurethane and they protect the hub motors.

The Best Portable Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Model

This is the fastest Boosted board, which is also the most convenient one for carrying and storing. It’s unique because of its portability. You can easily put in the backpack and carry it with you everywhere.

The deck is 29.5” long, 11” wide and 5.7” high. The composite deck is made around a lightweight poplar core. It’s coated with the fiberglass that contributes to the flexibility of the model.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model

Although it’s portable, it weighs around 16.5 pounds so it’s not one of the lightest models on this list. This electric skateboard 20 mph top speed will ensure very fast rides. It’s supported with the high-powered motor that has 1000W of power.

It’s not suitable for very steep hills in comparison to previous models, but it supports climbing up to 20-degree steep hills.  The speed can be controlled within 3 modes. You can change them with the wireless remote controller that’s included with the model in the package.

Use it also for braking and changing directions. The battery has 15 miles of range so you can go on long trips with this board. The battery range is extended with the unique feature of the regenerative braking system.

Boosted Electric Skateboard Mini X Model review

The energy created in braking or when going downhill is redirected in the battery. Therefore the battery lasts longer, and you can drive for a longer time. Charger for the lithium-ion battery is also included in the package. The battery is fully charged after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The wheels of this board are made from the polyurethane and they’re 3.15” wide in diameter. These big wheels are supporting fast long-trips on uneven terrain. The hub motors are protected by the strong wheels.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Fastest Electric Skateboard?

In my opinion, the best fastest electric skateboard model that you can buy is the Evolve carbon GT series street version. It’s expensive in comparison to others, but it provides you with the highest speed on the market. Also, it has the longest battery range so you can go on very long trips per single battery charger. The strong and flexible deck with big wheels ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain at high speed. This is the board that will ensure great skateboarding experience and it won’t disappoint you.